Philadelphia Flyers Extend Steve Mason: What It Means

For all hockey fans, the trade deadline is one of the most anticipated days of the year. For most Philadelphia Flyers fans, it was in anticipation of a trade to solve the team’s defensive woes. We got what we least expected, Steve Mason, a new goalie.

Don’t expect Mason to become the regular starter.

The move was a puzzling one for Flyers fans, but makes some sort of sense. Mason won the Calder Trophy—given to the league’s best rookie—in 2009, , but since then Mason has yet to post a save percentage as good as his .916 and a goals against average better than his 2.29.

The Flyers acquired Mason for Michael Leighton and a 2015 third-round draft pick. He was in the last year of his contract, but the Flyers have signed him on for another year at $1.5 million. This reduces his salary by $1.4 million. Mason currently has 2.87 GAA and .901 save percentage.

The Flyers took a good route with this trade, trading a third round pick that will be almost meaningless in 2015 and a not-so-solid backup in Michael Leighton.

If Mason pans out to be the great goalie he showed flashes of in his rookie year this will be an amazing deal, if not, it was worth a shot and a solid deal yet.

The trade wasn’t meant for Mason to come in and start next year as many fans have suspected, but rather give the Flyers an option in a few years when Ilya Bryzgalov may no longer be able to be a starting goalie in this league.

This deal will take a few years to see the full effect, but it was a great trade for Holmgren to make. Mason will develop along with a young Flyers core and can help the team to win for years to come if given a chance as starter, given that they extend him once again next year as can be expected.


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Author:Daniel Blanchard

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