2013 NFL Draft: Why the Philadelphia Eagles Should Select Sharrif Floyd

Toughness is one of the things that the Eagles have lacked since Brian Dawkins left. That mean, nasty player teams on the other side of the ball fear. Fletcher Cox was the first piece, as he has all of those qualities and more. But being next to an average defensive tackle like a Mike Patterson made it easy for teams to double team the better tackle. How about having two hell-raisers on the line?

Sharrif Floyd as a Gator.

That is where Sharrif Floyd Floyd comes in to play. He 6’3, 303 pounds, and plays with a mean streak. ESPN reporter Sal Palantonio called him “A little Warren Sapp, a little Jerome Brown”. Both of those guys had a rare ability to be not just big, but nimble on there feet. There is nothing more dangerous then a big defensive tackle who has quickness. If you put Floyd on the field next to Fletcher Cox, bad things are going to happen to the other side of the ball.

Right now the Eagles have a 2-down NT in Isaac sopoaga, an up-and-coming DT in Cedric Thornton, and of course  Cox.

Right now the style of defense that Billy Davis is going to run is a bit uncertain. They claim it to be a hybrid 4-3, when some speculate it is a straight 3-4. Either way, I am confident that Sharrif Floyd would be a huge cornerstone for the Eagles defense to build around, and after all, defense does win championships.


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Author:Dave Maco

Philadelphia sports fan since 1992. I always say ive seen it all, but my hometown teams never seize to amaze. Not always in a good way. Favorite player on the Eagles is Jason Peters. I feel at his best, Peters is one of the best lineman in team history. Favorite Philadelphia sports moment : The Flyers erasing an 0-3 deficit against the Bruins in the 2010 playoffs.

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