2013 NFL Draft: Eagles Could Trade Down; Scenarios and Possible Trades

According to Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Jeff McLane, the Philadelphia Eagles are exploring their options to trade down from the No.4 pick in the Draft this Thursday.


Why Should They Trade Down?

This year’s draft is being widely regarded as a poor class in terms of outstanding talent, but a good class for depth in talent. This means that the Eagles at No.4 might not be getting a player as good as someone in the late first-round or early second-round. A trade down to a pick around No.10 could give the Eagles an extra pick in the early second-round that may provide another starting quality player to contribute to the team immediately. Such a trade will give the Eagles more options high in the draft, which utilizes the great depth of talent in this year’s draft class.

Who Would Be Willing to Trade?


Luke Joeckel of Texas A&M is a front-runner for the 1st overall pick.

Teams that are in need of a starting offensive tackle will be looking to move up in this year’s draft, as there are three great OT prospects expected to go early. The Eagles need youth and depth at the Offensive Line, but with Peters and Herremans coming back from injury, a 4th pick would be a waste if used on a tackle this year. Luke Joeckel, Eric Fisher and Lane Johnson are all in high demand for many teams, and some teams will seriously consider trading with the Eagles for the 4th pick and the likelihood of selecting one of these players. These teams are the Miami Dolphins (No.12), Arizona Cardinals (No.7) and the San Diego Chargers (No.11). Each of these teams desperately require a starting tackle in this year’s draft, and the No.4 pick is a great way for them to fill the need.

What Could Each Team Offer?

Note – For the draft pick trades, I am using the chart used by GMs to value each pick numerically. The chart can be found here.

Arizona CardinalsIn the first three rounds, the Cardinals hold the 7th overall pick, the 38th overall pick (2nd round) and the 69th overall pick (3rd round). This means that their first three picks hold a value of 2265 ‘points’. The Eagles hold No.4 (1800 points) and thus it would be unlikely for the Eagles to move just down to No.7, as they would not gain much in other rounds.

The best potential move:

Eagles get; Pick #7 (1), Pick #38 (2), Pick #140(5).

Cardinals get; Pick #4 (1), Pick #67 (3)

Miami Dolphins – The Dolphins would be a great candidate as they hold four picks in Rounds 2 & 3 altogether, as well as the 12th overall and several in the later rounds. The Dolphins’ star OT Jake Long left to the Rams this offseason; so Miami needs a new starting tackle to replace him. Using the draft pick value chart, here is the best potential trade scenario for these two teams.

The best potential move:

Eagles get; Pick #12 (1), Pick #42 (2), Pick #82 (3), Pick #146 (5).

Dolphins get; Pick #4(1), Pick #101 (4)


San Diego Chargers – The Chargers also have little talent at the tackle position and need to come out of the draft with a starting quality tackle. They hold the 11th pick, 45th pick, 76th pick and several in the later rounds.

The best potential move:

Eagles get; Pick #11 (1), Pick #45 (2), Pick #110 (4), Pick #145 (5).

Chargers get; Pick #4 (1), Pick #210 (7)

Which Is The Best Move?

All three provide good compensation for the Eagles moving down, however I feel that the Dolphins trade gives the Eagles the best value in the upcoming draft. Many analysts believe that the 2nd and 3rd rounds hold the best value for this year’s draft class; and in the Dolphins trade the Eagles receive an extra 2nd and 3rd to provide great depth in their draft selections. However, whichever way the Eagles decide to go, the 4th overall pick is a great position to be in; and a trade down will bring great value and compensation in any scenario.


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