Rapid Reactions: Phillies beat Pirates 3-2

Rapid Reactions
The Phillies won 3-2 against the Pittsburg Pirates in a frigid April night at Citizens Bank Park. The Phils did not capitalize on chances leaving 8 runners on base but they still won the scrappy game thanks to an awesome bullpen and a solid debut from Jonathon Pettibone.

Starting Pitching Analysis
A.J Burnett- Burnett was wild and was not on the top of his game on Monday night. He was bailed out by double plays, good luck, and bad clutch offense allowing him to only give up 2 total runs in 5 innings. The hard throwing righty walked 3 batters and had many 3 ball counts. He was so wild that he had already pitched 92 pitches in only 4 innings. He did a great job minimizing damage, and he held the Phillies to bat .000 with runners in scoring position. The 2 runs he allowed to cross home plate were due to his wild pitching. The runners, who scored, scored on a wild pitch and a walk.

Jonathon Pettibone- Jonathon’s family clapped happily in the stands Monday night as their son pitched very well in his major league debut. The right-hander, performed well at the plate and the mound. Pettibone who bats lefty, supported his own cause, walking in his first at-bat and scoring the tying run to make the score 1-1 in the 3rd inning. Pettibone was filling in for John Lannan who was the Phillies 5th starter; Lannan is out for 6-8 weeks with an injured quad. Pettibone did allow a few fastballs to cross over the middle of the plate and the Pirates made him pay as Pedro Alvarez and Russell Martin both hit solo home runs. Pettibone finished the night with 2 earned runs and 5 1/3 innings.

Stat of the game
Jimmy Rollins recorded his 800 RBI in his 13-year career on Monday night. Charlie placed Jimmy in the lead off spot, and he was 2 for 3 while batting in 2 runs. His 800 RBI came in the 6th inning in a 2-2 ball game as he drove in catcher Erik Kratz, which would be the run, needed to win the game.

Players of the game
The Phillies bullpen were the players of the game. Raul Valdes, Antonio Batstardo, Mike Adams, and Jonathon Papelbon all shut down the Pirates only allowing 1 hit. They held the Phillies 3-2 lead from the 6th inning all the way to the end of the game.

What I learned
Domonic Brown and John Mayberry are improving their fielding in the corners. Brown recorded his first assist this season, throwing out Martin as second base. He made a nice play showing his maturity in the outfield choosing to take the ball off the wall instead of trying to make the hard catch. Over in right field Mayberry made a terrific diving catch in the 1rst inning to help settle down Pettibone.

Jonathan Pettibone pitched well in his major league debut.

Jonathan Pettibone pitched well in his major league debut.


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