Philadelphia Eagles 2013 Draft Results and Grades

Round 1: Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma State

Lane Johnson posing with his Eagles uniform.

The Eagles went to the offensive line with the 4th overall pick by taking Lane Johnson. Overall, a pretty good move as it strengthens the offensive line (which always seems to need help). As far as a lineup change, its projected that Todd Herremans will move back to the position of guard and the very disappointing Danny Watkins will now take a seat on the bench. The only possible negative to the decision is whether the Eagles passed up on some of the better defensive lineman in this years draft such as Ezekiel Ansah or Barkevious Mingo who would end up going in the next two selections (Ansah to the Lions and Mingo to the Browns).

Grade: A-

Round 2: Zack Ertz, TE, Stanford

The Eagles would once again pass up on a defensive player and looked to Zack Ertz as a replacement pick. Ertz will now go head-to head with Brent Celek in the competition for the starting tight end job. Knowing the history of Chip Kelly’s offense, both could very well be utilized in his offensive scheme (Celek as a blocker and Ertz as a slot receiver perhaps?) Either way, the offensive attack was once again made even stronger as it opens up another option at TE following the disappointing season Celek had last year.

Grade: B+

Round 3: Bennie Logan, DT, LSU

Following two offensive picks, the Eagles would finally look over to defense with their third round selection. By selecting Logan, the Eagles now have a tackle up front who has the ability to stop the run (which as all Eagles fans know needs more than just help). However, numerous scouts report that his pass rushing ability needs plenty of work (which is also an area the Eagles could use some help in). Overall, not a bad pick, but in hindsight the Eagles may be wishing they took a defensive player in one of the first two rounds.

Grade: B-

Round 4: Matt Barkley, QB, USC

Barkley in his new Eagles paraphernalia.

On the final day of the draft, the Eagles would return to the offense by taking Matt Barkely. After decreasing his draft value with a disappointing senior season (Barkely would have been an obvious first round selection in the 2012 draft) I’d personally say the Eagles got him for a very good value. It was already advertised pre-draft, that the birds were looking to take a QB at some point (which is smart considering Vick is injury prone/inconstant and everyone knows that your never going to know what kind of performance you’ll get out of Nick Foles). This also opens a slower, more pro-like offensive attack option as Chip Kelley has now shown that he’s willing to work with a pocket passer. In the grand scheme of things, it was a pretty smart pick, we’ll just have to wait and see what kind of QB Barkely turns out to be, as what role he is able to play on this team.

Grade: A-

Round 5: Earl Wolff, S, NC State

Well, he isn’t going to play a huge presence in the secondary (coming in at just 5’11, 209 lbs.), however Earl Wolff is a very physical player who is capable of making tackles making him a very good addition to the current Eagles safety lineup.

Grade: B-

Round 7: Joe Kruger, DE, Utah

Despite being projected to go in the third round by ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr., Joe Kruger would stay on the board until the very last round when the Eagles selected him. Kruger is very good at the pass rush, as well as making an immediate defensive impact standing at 6’7, 280 lbs. Look for Kruger to be a key backup lineman during the 2013 season.

Grade: A

Round 7: Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State

Regarded as middle round selection, Jordan Poyer isn’t a great player by any stretch, but certainly undervalued. Scouts also report that he has some return abilities so perhaps they will be exposed as the season progresses.

Grade: A

Round 7: David King, DT, Oklahoma

Chip Kelley’s final selection would be he 3rd defensive line choice. Because of this, King will most likely be handled as a practice squad member throughout the majority of the season. It’s always good to have backup options though. Personally, I probably would have looked to experiment at another position that is in need of young talented players.

Grade: C+

Recap: Overall, a very successful rookie draft for Chip Kelley. Expanding the roster evenly on both ends of the football is exactly what this team needs, and that’s precisely what he accomplished.

Draft Grade: A


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