Why Domonic Brown Should Win NL MVP

Dominic Brown is a changed man. Once a weak and feeble hitter who dug into the box with a guess-first mentality, Brown now digs in and looks for a pitcher to force one over on him. Bursting with confidence, the Phils newfound star outfielder sends the ball a long way once he gets a hold of it.

The Phils young phenom comes off a streak unlike any other that Philles fans have ever seen, as Brown clubbed eight (8) homers in eight (8) short games, and knocked ten HR’s over the fence in a span of only twelve games.

Brown has been unstoppable (via NBC)

The key to Brown’s success has been discipline at the plate, working the count in his favor and taking advantage of the best pitch to hit. Sometimes, you only get one. He’s not missing. He, along with skipper Charlie Manuel, also contribute much of Brown’s new success to the Phillies newly hired hitting staff, with whom Brown has spent much of his season.

In a seemingly stacked starting nine that features former NL MVP winners Ryan Howard (1B) and Jimmy Rollins (SS), along with All-Star Second Baseman Chase Utley, it is young Dom Brown who is carrying this otherwise sluggish offense towards a playoff run. It’s Brown, not a gold glover, and not an all-star, that can be accounted for the hot streak the Phightin’ Phils went on most recently. He’s the main reason that the Phillies won 15 of 24 in the months of May and June, putting them above .500 for the first time all year. The Phils have fallen back into a slump, however, and having gotten swept by the Bucks in Milwaukee, they dropped the series opener in Minnesota tonight to the Twins, losing 3-2.

Manager Charlie Manuel has no doubt that his team will turn it around, led by their young outfielder’s knowledge and knack for the game. “He’s selective. He’s very good at watching the pitchers, picking up things and making adjustments,” Manuel said. “With the talent he has, he has tremendous power, he works the count real good and he gets good pitches to hit. He’s been a real joy to watch. He’s capable of a high average and a lot of home runs. I have absolute faith in Dominic to lead this team back.”

Even with all of Brown’s new success, he still mangages to fly under the radar. Although Brown has smacked 19 over the fence this year, and trails only Chris Davis’s mark of 20, which put him at #1 in the National League, he is still far, far out of the All-Star Voting.

Even though Brown is considered by many to be a candidate for the National League’s Most Valuable Player, he ranks outside of the Top 15 Outfielders in regard to All-Star Voting.

It seems that the Phillies are in good hands. The tall and slender outfielder was chosen by the Phils in the 20th round of the 2006 MLB Draft. Three short years later, Brown was showing five-tool potential and was talked about in the graces that Dodgers prospect Yasiel Puig is becoming accustomed to. General Manager Ruben Amaro, Jr. refused to part ways with Dom, even when dealing for stars such as Halladay, Oswalt, and Lee.

It appears that Amaro’s patience is paying off, and fans are once again beginning to see the five-tool player that they once raved about. “It’s all in the playing time,” Brown said confidently. “That’s the key to my success. Hard work, and playing time.”

Although Brown isn’t in the close running to make the All-Star Team, and isn’t even in the Top 15, he certainly makes a case to be the league’s top power hitter. That’s why Dom Brown is a phenom.

Dominic Brown for M.V.P.


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