Philadelphia Flyers Start Contract Talks With Star Claude Giroux

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A little after 1:30 this afternoon, TSN’s Darren Dreger reported that the Flyers, in addition to continuing talks with Mark Streit’s agent,  have started talking to Claude Giroux’s agent regarding a contract extension.

Giroux has one year left on his current deal.

Claude Giroux, who has 1 year left at $3.75 million, he is do a substantial raise. A number that has been thrown around regarding salary is $7-8 million. A perfect value would be right in the middle; $7.5 million per year. Expect a contract that is 8 years, $62 million. That is $7.5 million a year with a $2 million signing bonus. This would lock Claude up until his mid 30’s.

With the recent reports of buyouts of Bryzgalov and Briere, there will be plenty of room for this contract, as well as Marc Streit’s. Also with a possible trade of Andrej Meszaros, more cap space would be available.

Only 2 more weeks until the off season officially begins!

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