2013 Fantasy Outlook for Philadelphia Eagles Offensive Stars

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The Philadelphia Eagles fell short of all expectations last season, but with a new coach in town, things are looking up again. Whether you are a fan of the Eagles or a player of fantasy football, chances are you want to know how their top offensive stars will do in 2013. Here’s a look at what type of seasons they might have.

Michael Vick

Despite some quarterback controversy going into the season, it appears as though Michael Vick is at least going to get the opportunity to start the season off. However, unless he really begins to show that he is healthy and making smart decisions, he will be nothing more than a backup in most fantasy leagues. His judgement is still suspect, and even in Chip Kelly’s system, he is not a strong enough runner to make up for it. Look for him to go in the #15-#20 range among quarterbacks.

LeSean McCoy

McCoy will rebound in 2013 (via Sports-Kings)

The man they call Shady was having a subpar season even before he missed four games due to a concussion in the middle of the season. Now, he is looking to rebound before it is too late. Kelly wants to play fast and spread defenses out, so that means McCoy will get plenty of nice looks. He’s a top 10 running back in the NFL, but you should avoid going any higher than #7 or #8.

DeSean Jackson

Jeremy Maclin might have been the #1 wide receiver last year, but the best fantasy football prospect in 2013 is DeSean Jackson. A lot of that has to do with the fact that he fits in perfectly with Kelly’s scheme. He is one of the fastest players in the NFL, capable of home run plays every time he touches the ball which will make him very popular some weeks in daily fantasy sports. Him and Maclin should go in the #30 to #40 range amongst wide receivers, but nothing higher.

Zach Ertz

The rookie comes into the season as perhaps not the best overall tight end on the roster, but the one who fits Kelly’s system the best. However, with Brent Celek currently on the roster, it really makes no sense to draft either guy until the team has it sorted out.

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