2013 NBA Draft: Philadelphia 76ers Draft Needs and Solutions

After a disappointing 2012-13 season, it is obvious that the Sixers need to make drastic roster improvements. With the 11th overal pick in the upcoming draft, there are a couple of areas the Sixers need to address. It would be wise to make Jrue Holiday the face of the franchise and draft/sign players that work well around him. Here are a few positions the Sixers could look to improve:

Point Guard

Holiday will be the starter, but the Sixers need depth (via Getty Images)

Current Roster: Jrue Holiday, Charles Jenkins, Royal Ivey

Clearly Jrue Holiday will be the starter but, the depth at the point guard position is lacking. Royal Ivey is an average 3-point shooter, but he does not produce the way the Sixers need him to. This is also an area that can be addressed in the free agency with players such as, Jarrett Jack.

Players to Draft/Trade Up For: Michael Carter-Williams (Trade up for), Shane Larkin (Draft 1st round), Phil Pressey (Draft 2nd round), Peyton Siva (Draft 2nd round)

Shooting Guard

Current Roster: Damien Wilkins, Justin Holiday, Jason Richardson

None of the shooting guards on the roster are worth starting. Justin Holiday only having played 9 games, is basically a rookie. He needs more time to develop his game. If he can turn into a good perimeter shooter, Holiday (Justin) would be the type of player the Sixers could use. Damien Wilkins is no longer in his “prime” (never even averaged over double-digit points) at age 33 and he is a player that is quite useless. Jason Richardson having been an athletic player his whole career is coming off a torn ACL. It is hard to rely on him as a starter.

Players to Draft/Trade Up For: CJ McCollum (Draft 1st round), Ben McLemore (Trade up for), Victor Oladipo (Trade up for), Seth Curry (Draft 2nd round)


Zeller would be a steal for the Sixers (via ESPN)

Current Roster: Spencer Hawes, Kwame Brown

There are no words to describe the Sixers’ situation when it comes to centers. They put all their chips in one bag when it came to Andrew Bynum and it is a move they regret. With Bynum now being a free agent with terrible knees, the Sixers ought to let him go. I believe that this is an area that the Sixers should target with the 11th overall pick. Clearly Kwame Brown will not be a starter, and Spencer Hawes proved that he cannot consistently produce at a high level.

Players to Draft/Trade Up For: Nerlens Noel (Trade up for), Alex Len (Draft 1st round), Cody Zeller (Draft 1st round), Kelly Olynyk (Draft 1st round), Mason Plumlee (Draft 1st round)


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