2013 Flyers Live Draft Weekend Blog

This blog is to keep Flyers fans up to date with moves that happen over draft day weekend. This blog will cover all deals, draft picks, and rumors made over draft weekend.


The Philadelphia Flyers are going into this weekends’ draft with concerns and questions, mainly focusing on the need for a steady goaltender and also a strong, puck moving defenseman. The Flyers have been rumored to make a handfull of moves for this offseason, but so far none have been completed. The Flyers lost out on former Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Bernier to the Toronto Maple Leafs, in which the Flyers were targeted as the favorites. The concern for a Flyers goalie increases as they have decided to use a compliance buy out on goaltender Ilya Bryzgalov.

Ryan Pulock

As far as rumors, you should know what to believe and what not to believe. The Flyers as of late have been in talks with the Anaheim Ducks for forward Bobby Ryan, but is this a believable rumor? Yes. I would expect the Flyers to either get Ryan or to make a potential trade to acquire a defenseman or perhaps even a goaltender. The Flyers have already showed interest in Coyotes’ Keith Yandle, Should you believe this? I wouldn’t get my hopes up. If the Coyotes were to move Yandle, i would imagine that they would want Flyers’ forward Sean Couturier in the deal, but Flyers’ General Manager Paul Holmgren has already made it clear that the Flyers will not move the future all-star center.

What you need to know what the Flyers need to do draft-wise is this…The Flyers are looking to draft a defenseman in the 11th overall slot ranging from a stay at home man to a 2-way, puck moving defenseman. ESPN Reporters from Kimelman to Morreale to Hoffner say that the Flyers are either going to draft a dman or maybe even top goalie prospect in the draft, Zack Fucale. Our experts here at Khandyman Sports say that the Flyers are going to look for a 2-way defenseman in the 11th overall spot who has experience with being a leader. The one prospect that could be perfect for the Flyers is Brandon Wheat Kings Defenseman Ryan Pulock. Pulock is a very solid 2-way defenseman who has a massive blast from the point (clocked at 102MPH at Skills Competition). He can captain the top on a powerplay or he can play shut-down defense on the penalty kill. His senses and strength are two of his strongest qualities and to the Flyers, its just what the doctor ordered. If the Flyers decide to go with a forward at the 11th overall i strongly suggest Bo Horvat. Horvat is the best all-around player in this year’s draft class. He can hit, shoot, pass, sacrifice, skate, stick handle and he has very good senses and hockey IQ. This kid is the complete all around defensive and offensive player.

PRE-DRAFT RUMORS (Friday and Saturday)

REPORT: The Flyers have reportedly contacted the Edmonton Oilers (7th overall pick), the Calgary Flames (6th overall pick) and Carolina Hurricanes (5th overall pick) about moving up in the draft order. If the Flyers do indeed more up in the draft, they will most likely draft the best available player, even if its a forward and not a defenseman. (Friday at 2:00PM)

Update: Friday at 4:00PM: TSN’s Darren Dreger tweets that Braydon Coburn is officially being dangled by the Flyers. The Carolina Hurricanes and the Edmonton Oilers are among teams showing interest, this could mean the Flyers could move up in the draft to 5th or 7th overall.

Update: Saturday at 12:30PM: Flyers continue talks with Calgary; For Flyers to keep their 11th overall, they will have to give up Coburn and Read. Flyers are also in talks with Edmonton; Edmonton is going hard after Braydon Coburn.

REPORT: Via ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun the Flyers are in on the Vincent Lecavalier sweepstakes (Saturday at 6:45PM)

Saturday at 9:30PM: As of Saturday night the Flyers have not made any trades. The rumors however continue to roll as the draft gets closer. The rumors about the Flyers are currently saying that the Flyers are still trying to move up in the draft, and apparently the Flyers have been contacting many teams about goaltenders including the St. Louis Blues about Goaltender Jaroslav Halak, Vancouver Canucks about Goaltenders Cory Schneider and Roberto Loungo and the Buffalo Sabres about Goaltender Ryan Miller. I would expect General Manager Paul Holmgren to make significant moves tomorrow before, during and after the 2013 Draft. ———————————————————————————————————————————————————— PRE-DRAFT RUMORS (Draft Day)

Update: Draft Day at 11:00AM: The Philadelphia Flyers have been in constant talks with the Carolina Hurricanes about the 5th overall pick in the 2013 Draft.

Update: Draft Day at 2:40PM: The Toronto Maple Leafs are out of Carolina’s 5th Overall pick sweepstakes. Flyers are one of the several teams still in it. Update: Draft Day at 3:45PM: Carolina Hurricanes decide to use their 5th overall pick


Round 1 Moves

Philadelphia Flyers Draft D Samuel Morin at the 11th overall pick in the 1st round of the 2013 Draft

Analysis: Samuel Morin is a 6’6 202lbs big, rough and tough defenseman. Morin has an extremely physical defenseman. With his size he is able to dominate the game and is able to move and control players in the defensive zone. Morin is a very talented skater and has great footwork for a tall man, and he moves the puck efficiently and cleanly. He is a very good fit for a physical team like the Philadelphia Flyers. I say he needs two or three more years before joining the NHL.

REPORT: Flyers trying to get into late first round by trading Braydon Coburn and or Matt Read.

Round 2 Moves

Philadelphia Flyers Draft D Robert Haag at the 41st overall pick in the 2nd round of the 2013 Draft

Analysis: Robert Haag is practically a solid steal for the Philadelphia Flyers in the second Round. Haag is a nice puck moving and mobile defenseman. Haag has a nice shot from the point and can be very useful on the powerplay. He has good awareness and he can play in all areas of the game. I say he needs one or two more years before entering the NHL.

Round 3 Moves

Philadelphia Flyers Draft F Tyrell Goulbourne at the 72nd overall pick in the 3rd round of the 2013 Draft

Analysis: Goulbourne is a physical forward who can be strong on the forecheck. Tyrell is no stranger to dropping the gloves as he had 135PIM this past season. Flyers can use him in an energy role.

Round 4 Moves

NOTE: Philadelphia Flyers Draft Pick will go to Tampa Bay as the result of a trade on February 18, 2012 that sent Pavel Kubina to Philadelphia in exchange for a conditional second-round pick in either 2012 or 2013 and this pick. The Ottawa Senators now have this pick as a result of a trade on April 3rd, 2013 that sent G Ben Bishop to Tampa Bay in exchange for F Cory Conacher and this pick.

Round 5 Moves

Philadelphia Flyers Draft D Terrance Amorosa at the 132nd overall pick in the 5th round of the 2013 Draft

Analysis: Terrance Amorosa is a high schooler who has commited to New Hampshire University. He is still young, he brings a physical game. He should be NHL ready in three to four years.

Round 6 Moves

Philadelphia Flyers Draft G Merrick Madsen at the 162nd overall pick in the 6th round of the 2013 Draft

Analysis: Merrick Madsen is a goaltender out of Proctor Academy (Prep School). Madsen posted a 3.20 GAA and a .908 Save Percentage. Madsen is the 26th goaltender in teh 2013 Draft. He is still young and for him to progress the Flyers need to be patient with him. Madsen is attending Harvard next season as a freshman.

Round 7 Moves

Philadelphia Flyers Draft D David Drake at the 192nd overall pick in the 7th round of the 2013 Draft

Analysis: David Drake is a defenseman out of the USHL. He brings size and a decent defensive game. He needs to work on his skating ability and puck control.



The Flyers had many opportunities to move up in this draft class and decided not too. The Flyers drafted Samuel Morin as their first overall pick which to me was a mistake, especially with Nikita Zadarov and Ryan Pulock available. Holmgren made it up with a very strong second round pick with Robert Hagg who was suppose to go in teh first round but teh Flyers snagged him up. In the third round the Flyers took a turn in a whole opposite direction than right. They decided to draft a goon in Terell Goulbourne in the third round. To finish up in teh last couple round the Flyers drafted soon to be college freshmen. To me the Flyers managed to not succeed in a very strong draft class. I expected a lot more to come from Paul Holmgren than this, a big trade or something at least. This draft is a tough pill for Flyers fans to swallow.


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