Pros and Cons of Flyers Signing Vincent Lecavalier


  • Lecavalier brings veteran leadership to a young team. He has served as a captain and assistant captain for some time in Tampa and can help young players by being a leader on the ice and in the locker room.
  • Lecavalier was the captain of the Lightning before being bought out. Early in his career he served as captain for a season before being stripped due to not living up to expectations. He will be a great mentor for Giroux to know the rights and wrongs of what to do and be expected of as captain.
  • Something that is needed with a young team is a veteran who has won it all and knows what it takes. That’s exactly what you get with Lecavalier. He has won a Stanley Cup and had other deep playoff runs in his time in Tampa.
  • The Flyers were struggling to score at many times during the last season. Bringing in Lecavalier can help this issue. He has great goal scoring ability and has scored 50 goals once in his career, and he’s also a great facilitator
  • Lecavalier wins faceoffs. Getting a center who wins faceoffs will be good for a team that struggled mightily in the circle last season.
  • First two lines of Hartnell-Giroux-Voracek and Schenn-Lecavalier-Simmonds is pretty exciting.


  • Sean Couturier’s time in Philadelphia is most likely up. Sean Couturier was a high scoring big minutes forward in his time in juniors. In his first two years with the Flyers he has seen too little minutes that he needs to be that player at the NHL level. This deal solidifies Lecavalier as the second line center for the next 5 years. The best move would be to move Couturier before he is an RFA to get value from him.
  • The contract isn’t the greatest. It will keep Lecavalier a Flyer until 38 with a $4.5 million cap hit and full NMC. If they wanted to ever dump his salary they would have to find a team he was willing to waive for.
  • The contract puts the Flyers back over the salary cap. That means more deals will have to go through in order for the Flyers to sign another goalie and possibly a defenseman.




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Author:Daniel Blanchard

4 for 4 Philly sports fan.

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