Barkley, Foles or Vick: Who Should Be The Eagles Starting QB?

Reasons for Matt Barkley: There are many people that would say starting a rookie quarterback on a team as complex as the Eagles would be a bad idea. However, it can be seen in another way. As everyone knows, the Eagles quarterback situation is certainly not a good one. So, why not start the only possible person on the roster who has never contributed to prior struggles? Perhaps Matt Barkley is the only hope for this team and he could turn out to be better than expected.

Starting Barkley probably won’t win the Eagles the Super Bowl, but it could be the closest the Eagles get to a fresh start and a successful season.

Foles is the team’s biggest, most experienced pocket passer (via Tumblr)

Reasons for Nick Foles: As many football fans have learned, the pocket-dependent quarterback seems to have the most success. Of the three current Eagles QBs, Nick Foles is by far the biggest pocket passer. So, why not just try out the guy who follows the style of some of the NFL’s best? Nick Foles certainly won’t run like Vick or Barkley, but he just might be able to throw for the most yards and touchdowns in a very pass-dominant league.

Reasons for Michael Vick: Well, Michael Vick has certainly contributed a lot to Eagles struggles, and by no means is he a pocket passer. However, he is the most experienced in addition to fitting in the best with the “Chip Kelley offense”. Michael Vick hasn’t officially earned the starting quarterback job, but one would have to think he has a pretty good chance.

Predicted Eagles Starting Quarterback

When the preseason is through, and Chip Kelly has no other option other than naming a starting QB, he will realize it should be Michael Vick. This is not necessarily because he feels Vick has proven to be the best, but rather because he will have no meaningful reason to start Barkley or Foles, and he will end up resorting to Vick since he was the previous starter. When the questions arise on his critical decision, he will claim that it’s because of the prior reasons stated. In reality, however, Chip Kelly will probably never believe 100% in his decision.


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