Philadelphia Sixers: Summer League Game vs Houston Rockets

In their first game since the draft, the rookies on the Philadelphia Sixers’ Summer League roster were put to the test against the Houston Rockets. Due to the fact that Nerlens Noel is not healthy enough to play, the key players to look out for were 1st round draft pick Michael Carter-Williams, former Temple guard Khalif Wyatt, sophomore Arnett Moultrie, and 2nd round draft pick Arsalan Kazemi

All four of these player showed us something in their 1st game:

Michael Carter-Williams

  1. He is a good passer and can get teammates involved (8 assists)
  2. Carter-Williams is able to drive the basket and draw the foul or make the layup (11 free throw attempts)

    (via Getty Images)

    (via Getty Images)

  3. Indecision sometimes haunted him, along with bad passes which resulted in turnovers (9 turnovers)
  4. He is always looking for ways to create his own shot (23 field goal attempts)
  5. Although not a steller three-point shooter, he is still taking shots that appear to be out of his range (0-6 from 3-point range)
  6. Uses his height to his advantage and crashes the boards effectively for a point guard (7 rebounds)
  7. Scored at an elite level (26 points)

Khalif Wyatt

  1. Wyatt showed the same desire to get up a shot the way he did at Temple (15 field goal attempts)
  2. He was active defensively during this game (2 steals)
  3. Showed a great deal of inefficiency in the time that he played (26 minutes, 4-15, 9 points)
  4. Did not attack the basket aggressively (0 free throw attempts)

Arnett Moultrie

  1. Moultrie did not make an impact scoring wise (4 points)
  2. Crashed the boards a lot harder than this past regular season (6 rebounds)
  3. Stayed out of foul trouble which is important for a big man, especially on a team that does not have much depth at F/C position (3 fouls)
  4. Too many turnovers for a player at the power forward position (3 turnovers)

Arsalan Kazemi

  1. Did not play very aggressively offensively (1 field goal attempt)
  2. Kazemi was unable to grab a single board (0 rebounds)
  3. Got into trouble quickly (5 fouls, 9 minutes)

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