Should the Phillies Buy or Sell: A Full Trade Deadline Plan

The 2013 Phillies season is beginning to come to an end. While there is a chance that the team can make a run near the end of the season, we have to ask ourselves what a run could lead to? The answer, at best, is a playoff spot and nothing more. But is the chance for a playoff spot a reason not to begin rebuilding the team for the future? No. Ruben Amaro Jr. needs to accept his mistakes and do what is best for the team, and that is to sell the players they can. That does not mean they should just get rid of any player that another team wants for little to no cost. The Phillies need to be willing to walk away if the deal is not right, but if the deal is right they need to jump on it.

The Phillies also need to realize that there are certain guys they need to keep so they can build around these players. In the outfield they have Ben Revere and Dominic Brown who they hope can lead them in the future. Revere has been killing it as of late with his batting average and on base percentage, jumping up to where we had hoped they would be in the beginning of the year. Dominic Brown has also come into his own this year and has earned himself a spot on the all-star roster. Most of the other players on the roster should be placed on the trade block; however, a lot of them don’t have any value because of the way they are playing. Below is a list of Phillies players and what the Phillies could hope to get for trading them.

Cliff Lee

Cliff Lee’s incredible season means one thing: deal him while his value is this high (via EveryJoe)

+ Cash

For: 2 top prospects, 1 mid-level prospect

Jonathan Papelbon

+ Cash

For: 1 top prospect, 1 mid-level prospect

Carlos Ruiz

For: 1 mid-level prospect

Chase Utley

For: 1 top-level prospect OR 2 mid-level prospects

Michael Young

For: 2 mid-level prospects

Delmon Young

For: 1 mid-level prospect

Obviously this list is very vague, as you can’t be sure which team will trade for which player and what they can give in return. Some of the biggest teams that are in the market for the kind of players the Phillies have include the Athletics, Yankees, Tigers, Dodgers, and Red Sox. All these teams have the resources and prospects the Phillies are looking for to make a deal happen. The only problem with this process is that no one can be sure how a prospect is going to pan out throughout his career, but odds are that at least a few prospects are going to make an impact at the next level. Trading away the old talent that the Phillies currently have does not only create a new core of players that are young, but they can also be cheap. Trading away a few players can free up tons of cap space to spend on future free agents. Now not only do you have the young talent that helps you build a team, but you can also spend your extra money to fill in positions of need.

The Phillies front office needs to take responsibility for their mistakes and look towards the future. Their current team is aging and unable to compete with the improved Nationals and Braves, and the Marlins and Mets have great young talent coming up through their systems that all Phillies fans should fear. Trading away the talent they have now will allow them to compete in the coming years, and as a Phillies fan I would be okay with 1 to 2 years of rebuilding before we go after another World Series!


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