Talking the Eagles’ 3-4 Defense with Linebacker Chris McCoy

McCoy during warmpus at the Linc (via LehighValleyLive)

Q: What made you want to go to the CFL rather than continue plodding away on NFL rosters?

A: “It was just like this, man, it was a good opportunity to get my film out there. I had a chance to go out there and do some things, so I jumped on it. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I just took off.”

Khandyman note: McCoy played 2 preseasons with NFL teams before playing two seasons with the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders.

Q: Why did you sign with the 4-12 Eagles?

A: “I felt like it was the right place to be. What we are going to do in the future is not indicated by what the past records has been. We’re going to do some great things here man, and we’re not looking at the past we’re just building on it for the future.”

Q: What has been like working with Billy Davis (defensive coordinator)?

A: “It’s great, man. He’s helped me out so much, especially with the coverage sets, that’s my game. I’ve gotten so much better in coverage, and it’s a lot easier. I’ve continued to learn, every day, and just go out there every day and get better.”

Q: Would you say that coverage has become the strongest part of your game?

A: “Definitely not. What I want to be is a complete player overall. At this point, I still think I’m a lot better at attacking forward than dropping back. But it’s getting engaged, it’s getting better as far as dropping back, it’s more of an equal thing now. I’m getting better and better at the coverage aspect of my game every day.”

Q: How has Connor Barwin helped you?

A: “Connor is real disciplined. And what he does, he is really, really disciplined. I’ve learned a lot of things with technique, he’s really helped me in that aspect.”

Khandyman note: Barwin is the likely starter at McCoy’s position, the SAM.

Q: How is this 3-4 defense different than others?

A: “It’s a lot different. In the grand scheme of things, when you’re in the 3-4, you’re mostly dropping, you understand that. Curls, slants, quarters flat, things like that. It’s pretty much the same in that aspect, and it’s a little different sometimes, but it’s pretty much the same.”

Q: Being asked to drop back more?

A: “Yes. I definitely see that.”

Khandyman note: This likely means that the “Predator,” or WILL, will be rushing at least 80% of the time (this being Brandon Graham or Trent Cole).

Q: Anything different with run defense?

A: “Run defense is run defense. You’re either 2-gapping or a force player, or whatever. Making sure that you control your gap, wherever it may be.”

Q: Any ideas on how reps will be split for preseason game vs New England?

A: “Not sure exactly how much, but I know it’ll be a lot. I guess we’ll see.”

Q: Excited for New England practices?

A: “Definitely, man. Get to go against someone new, and you get to get a look at your competition and study them. It’ll be great for myself to go against someone new, see how they do it.”


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