How Good Can The Eagles Be Under Chip Kelly?

Well, we’re a week into the month of August, which means that believe it or not, NFL Football is just a month away! And yet, despite the season being just around the corner, Eagles fans’ expectations for Chip Kelly’s rookie year still don’t seem to be 100% certain just yet. There are the optimists, the non-believers, and a whole lot of people who kind of just want to see how the whole “Chip Kelly Way” plays itself out before they start analyzing how good the 2013 Eagles will really be.


If you’re someone who likes to base your probabilities on success of recent similar situations, then you probably think the Birds are going to do pretty well this year. This would be because both the Seahawks and 49ers have both had recent success taking in coaches who had been with a NCAA team just a season prior (Pete Carroll with Seattle and Jim Harbaugh with San Francisco). However, others believe that coaches like Carroll and Harbaugh were perhaps given a little more talent to work with, and that it would be unrealistic to think Chip Kelly could make this year’s Eagles a playoff team.

Whatever the case may be, Eagles fans should really just hope for the best. We as a fan base should stop worrying so much about realistically predicting the fait of the football team. Why? Because no one really knows what this team is going to turn out and be, as is the case with most teams when they bring in a new head coach. All we as fans can really do is hope that Chip Kelly has the answer to extend this team’s fullest potential, and make this Eagles season a successful one despite a couple early setbacks.


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