The 5 Most Compelling Games on the Philadelphia 76ers 2013-2014 Schedule

We all know that this is going to be a miserable season for us Sixer fans and the players, but that’s not a bad thing since it will help us in the future. But that’s another topic. Today’s topic is about five “key” or “intersting” games in the upcoming season.

1. Sixers vs. Miami – October 30th

The first look at the Sixers and the rookies in their first professional game. Hopefully we play horribly as a team but the rooks actually look good. Andrew Wiggins, baby.

2. Sixers vs. Cleveand – November 8th and 9th

Who isn’t excited to boo Bynum on his return to Wells Fargo Center (via RantSports)?

Do I need to even explain? No, but besides the obvious reason (Andrew Bynum’s return), I really think that the Sixers can win this game. Even though the Cavs have two All-Star caliber players plus three players that have been picked in the top five in the last three drafts, (Four, if you count Kyrie Irving.) they will have almost no chemistry yet and Kyrie, Dion Waiters, and  “him” are all injury prone. The 76ers, will actually have chemistry going into this game. Only one new player in the starting lineup.

3. Sixers vs. New Orleans – November 29th

Another obvious reason here. Jrue returns. And this game can kind of decide how good these teams actually are. We can actually see how good the Pelicans are matched up against the Sixers with their bevy of talented guards. Hopefully they aren’t good enough to make the playoffs but not bad enough to be in the bottom five in the league.

4. Sixers vs. Cleveland – February 18th

The first game after the All-Star break and it’s against the Cavs. At home. We’ll get to see how Cleveland (and Andrew Bynum) are doing half way through the season and how we are doing.

5. The Whole Month of March

March is the last full month of the regular season and it is filled with potential playoff teams for the Sixers. Of the 16 teams Philly play that month, 12 are likely playoff teams. Hopefully we lose to all of them. #Winless4Wiggins



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Author:Christian Hawley

I live in a small town in Nebraska and I'm a full time Philadelphia Sports Fan.

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