Charlie Manuel Fired, Showing Ruben Amaro’s Incompetence

The Phillies have fired manager Charlie Manuel. The management team of the Phillies have officially lost any loyalty that I had, despite the fact that I had very little to start. Manuel probably wouldn’t have come back for next year’s season as his contract was up and Ryne Sandberg is waiting in the wings. Charlie has strung together 780 wins over eight and a half seasons while bringing five division titles, two pennants and a world series title to the Phils. Charlie Manuel is the best manager the Phillies will ever have, period.

Manuel is has the most managerial wins in franchise history (via

According to a report from Danny Knobler of, Ryne Sandberg will become the interim manager. Sandberg has been on the staff as the third base coach this year after managing Triple AAA Lehigh Valley in the 2011 and 2012 seasons. Sandberg has a hall of fame playing career and appears to have been the heir apparent to Manuel anyway. The “geniuses” in the front office now put Sandberg in a tough situation as he will be dealing with a losing atmosphere instead of starting fresh next year and letting Charlie finish the season.

Ruben Amaro Jr. now is completely incompetent. Every year since the great Pat Gillick stepped down after the ’08 season, the Phillies have taken a step down. When Amaro took over in ’09, we got to the world series, in ’10, we made it to the NLCS, in ’11 we lost in the NLDS, in ’12 we didn’t make the playoffs, and now, we have sunk to the point of firing our manager inseason. Now, my unfortunate Phillies fans, we are at the point where Ryne Sandberg  will have a rant much like Jim Mora’s 2001 rant “Playoffs?, Don’t talk about–playoffs?! You kidding me?! Playoffs?! I just hope we can win a game! Another game!” Amaro was quoted during the press confrence commenting on Charlie’s success, while choking up, I might add, and my question is, if he is so succesful, than why are you firing him! Ruben Amaro Junior is a joke!! Thanks Ruben!!!

In additional news, I am crying myself to sleep tonight, not only over the firing of Charlie, but the incompetence of some people in this world, yes Ruben, I am looking at you.


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