Chip Kelly To Play Music During Offensive Possessions

Many are aware that Chip Kelly is an outside the box coach.  But I don’t think anyone knew that he would request music during the course of an offensive drive. That’s right, Chip Kelly has requested that music be played in between offensive plays during home games this year at Lincoln Financial Field.

Kelly’s creativity is what will take this Eagles team farther (via GCobb)

However, according the Kelley, he has had the team listening to music ever since the first day of training camp.  This method of offense was also shown off during the Eagles preseason battle with the Panthers Thursday night.

So, lets forget the fact that Chip Kelley’s coaching methods are somewhat weird.  Doesn’t this have to be breaking some sort of NFL rule?  Well, according to Eagles reporter Dave Spadaro, the rule was looked into and as long as the music is stopped when the ball is snapped and doesn’t resume until the play comes to an end, there’s absolutely no NFL rule that says a team can’t do this.

Clearly, Chip Kelly is looking to have success by any means necessary.  Hey, if he can make the 2013 Eagles football team good using the method of music, then I’m all in.  Whatever it takes to make this Eagles team good, I’m in favor of.  And I have to admit, I kind of like Chip Kelly’s abstract coaching style, and I’m very interested to see how well it plays out.


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