76ers Roster Analysis: How Khalif Wyatt Fits Into the Sixers’ Plans

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Khalif Wyatt could be the next Paul Pierce (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By now, we all probably know that Justin Holiday is no longer on the team. That now makes dos Holidays gone from the Philadelphia 76ers. But now there is a bigger question: Does that mean that Khalif Wyatt has a spot on the team?

If it was up to me, I would definitely sign Wyatt. He performed the best in the Summer League games, averaging 13.8 points per game. Of course he scored in those games, but he also passed way better than I expected him to. Signing him would give us a better scoring option than Justin Holiday did and possibly better passing, but there is a downgrade in the defensive apartment. Holiday has the length and experience that Wyatt doesn’t have. 

Wyatt has been drawing comparisons to Paul Pierce and Lou Williams; I totally agree with both and would be happy if he turned out to half of what Paul Pierce is. Both are both very good 1-on-1 and can find a good shot with ease. They both have an above average jump shot, but not great.

The only problem I see right now is the size issue. He is only 6’4″ at the most and 215 pounds. Brett Brown would most likely want him playing the 2 spot, but I see that as a problem. What happens when he goes up against SGs two inches taller and 20 pounds heavier than him? I honestly think that he can successfully play point guard with no problem.  Wyatt averaged four assists a game while playing with a bunch of bums at Temple. Wyatt could come off the bench for Michael Carter-Williams when needed. MCW could be the passing PG and Wyatt could be the scoring PG, a solid combo.

In the end, I hope we end up signing the former Temple guard and hopefully he’s our next Lou Williams.


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Author:Christian Hawley

I live in a small town in Nebraska and I'm a full time Philadelphia Sports Fan.

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One Comment on “76ers Roster Analysis: How Khalif Wyatt Fits Into the Sixers’ Plans”

  1. andrewmscott7
    August 20, 2013 at 8:37 pm #

    bunch of bums at Temple? I strongly disagree. Wyatt was without a doubt the main player on the team, but he had a solid supporting cast, minus the Indiana game.

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