Philadelphia Eagles: Where Nick Foles Goes From Here

Eagles head coach Chip Kelly recently named Michael Vick the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles. Although he did keep the competition fair for Nick Foles, most people—and even teammates—pretty much knew that Vick would get the job from the get-go. Vick is a more dynamic quarterback, possessing the speed and explosiveness that Foles lacks. Both QBs have shown great traits in the first two preseason games. Foles has done a great job running the hurry up offense, as well as showing good decision making, minus the red-zone interception against the Panthers. Vick has shown the explosiveness we’ve come to expect from him and has been very accurate.

Foles gives the Eagles a very solid backup (via Gannett-CDN)

With that being said, where does Foles go from here? Obviously he’ll be the back up for the time being, but could the Eagles trade him? Where does he fit into their plans moving forward? And should he? Let’s take a look.

In his limited time so far with the Eagles, Foles has shown some flashes of a quarterback who could get the job done in the NFL at a consistent level. He is also only in his second year in the league, and first with offensive guru Chip Kelly. It’s unlikely any team will give the Eagles an offer that would make them trade Foles. There’s more experienced and proven quarterback they could get, and acquiring Foles wouldn’t make too much sense for them unless it’s a long-term project.

Next offseason is where things could get interesting. Chip Kelly could take a quarterback in next year’s draft. Even though he drafted Barkley this past April, there’s probably going to be some better QB options coming out of college. Another things is, we may not even know if Chip wants Nick around for the future. Obviously he didn’t draft him, so we don’t know if he wants Nick to be the QB of the future. Foles was an Andy Reid guy, we just don’t know if he’s a Chip guy yet.

Even though Nick doesn’t have much speed and quickness, Kelly might like what he sees and keep Foles. Kelly said he doesn’t want a “running back who can throw” so that means Nick won’t have to worry about being something he’s not, which is an athletic, scrambler type of QB. He’ll just have to worry about being a traditional pocket passer, which he has shown flashes of capability.

There’s also the possibility Vick struggles or gets hurt. If this happens Foles will be called upon to be the QB. This will be a great time to prove himself, showing that it is in fact he who should be quarterbacking the Eagles for years to come. It is highly likely Foles will get a good amount of playing time, just due to Vick’s health concerns and ineffectiveness at times.

Time will only tell what will happen with Nick. As the season goes on, the answer should get more and more clear.


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