Eagles vs Chargers: What Caused the Disappointment in the Home Opener

For those who were able to watch the whole game like I did, you saw the whole game unfold right before your eyes. If you were unable to see the whole contest, just talk to anyone who did and they’ll all tell you the same reason for why the Eagles lost. The defense looked absolutely horrible.

Jackson had another 193 yards today.

Unfortunately, as far as the outcome of the Eagles week 2 game goes, that’s really all that it came down too. The Eagles defense could just not get off of the field, as the Chargers absolutely dominated the time of possession 40:17-19:43. San Diego put together drive after drive, conversion after conversion (especially on 3rd down) and the Eagles defense continued to provide a lacking pass rush and well as a wide open secondary.

The amazing thing is, if it weren’t for some pretty solid play from the hyped Chip Kelly offense, the game would have been a San Diego blowout. However, the game probably didn’t move as fast as Coach Kelly probably would have liked, they played pretty well, putting up 30 points as well as not turning the ball over even once.

The only silver lining in this frustrating loss, is that the Eagles won’t have to think about the game for that long, as the Eagles will immediately return to the practice fields Monday morning in preparation for the upcoming Thursday Night battle with the Chiefs. Hopefully, the Eagles can pick up the win so they can improve to 2-1 before going on a three-game road trip (Denver, New York Giants and Tampa Bay).

This upcoming game will surely be tough, all stats and levels of strength on the respective teams will play minor roles on an emotional night for people on both sides of the matchup (Andy Reid return to Philly as well as Donovan McNabb’s number getting retired). When the game is ultimately looked at, Chip Kelly needs to make sure that the game is played at his pace, as that will give more time to the offense, and less playing time for this struggling Eagles defense.


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