Eagles Struggles Continue: Lose 26-16 in Andy Reid’s Return To Philly

On a night where the Eagles and their fans welcomed two familiar faces (Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid), the play on the field was unfortunately a huge disappointment. Thursday night’s game was so bad; the Eagles seemed immediately behind from the opening kickoff, where they let former Eagle Quentin Demps return the ball out of the end zone for 57 yards.

Despite a mild ankle injury in the 2nd quarter, Shady rushed for 158 yards (via SI)

Despite the defense looking solid by holding the Chiefs offense to a 3 and out on the opening drive, they would be forced to give up a field goal after the first of FIVE TURNOVERS occurred when Damaris Johnson fumbled away the first offensive possession of the night. This would set up Kansas City with 1st and 10 deep into Eagles territory.

Obviously the difference in this game is that the Eagles turned the ball over five times and the Chiefs didn’t do that even once. The fact that the Eagles were even within one possession during the 4th quarter while losing the turnover battle so badly is amazing in itself.

It’s just incredible that just four days prior to this game, the clear answer to the loss against San Diego was the pitiful play of the Eagles defense. On Thursday, it seemed like the defense played decently (although still not great) but it was as if so much time was spent on the defense that every other part of the team went out the window.

Another remarkable stat to notice is that LeSean McCoy rushed for 158 yards despite suffering some sort of leg injury with approximately 2 minutes remaining in the first half. Usually when NFL teams have a 158-yard rusher, you win the game. But not tonight, not when you give the ball to the other team as much as the Eagles did on Thursday.

Anyway, you can analyze this game all you want, break it down or do whatever with individual player statistics. The reason the Eagles lost this game is simply because they failed to take care of the football. The Chiefs had multiple chances throughout the game to capitalize and close the game out. Although they never did, the Eagles played so poorly that the Chiefs did not win this game. The Eagles defiantly lost it.


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