Philadelphia Eagles Injury Report: Week 5 vs Giants

The last three weeks for the Philadelphia Eagles (1-3) have certainly been a struggle. Coming off of a 32 point loss to the Denver Broncos (4-0), they are looking to turn it around against the Giants. Although its been established that the Eagles are not doing very well this season, the New York Giants are playing even worse (0-4). The NFC East may be the worst division in all of football, and today will be a clash between two division rivals. Lets take a look at what injuries may hold the Eagles back:

Brandon Boykin, CB: Shoulder (Probable)

Boykin has not made as big of an impact as the Eagles may need out of there DB’s, but he has played mediocrely throughout the past couple of weeks. Replacing him would be Shaun Prater, who has not done anything in a NFL game statistically.

Patrick Chung, FS: Shoulder (Questionable)

The Eagles defense was absolutely obliterated by Peyton Manning, and the secondary is a very important part of this defense. Although Eli Manning has played dreadfully this season, he can flip the switch at any point and with Patrick Ching possibly not in the secondary, this may be the week for Eli Manning.

Fletcher Cox, DE: Quadriceps (Probable)

The defensive line needs to put pressure on Eli early and often. Fletcher Cox is not a stellar pass rusher, but he needs to find a way to get to the quarterback as fast as possible.


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