Complete Philadelphia 76ers Trade Deadline Guide

Alright, lets get down to business here. As fans this season we have probably witnessed the worst Sixers (15-40) basketball since the early 90s. We have cried, we are frustrated and we are tired and sick of losing. Its’ understandable. But come today at 3 PM, all those frustrating moments this season could be worthwhile as the trade deadline approaches.

Turner is still the most likely of the 3 to be traded (via FanSided)

Many of us have heard rumors, mainly shipping out the “small 3” (Spencer Hawes, Thaddeus Young, and Evan Turner) out of Philadelphia in exchange for possibly another 2014 1st round pick or a pick in the near future or maybe even taking in an expiring contract that’s worth around 10-12 million.

Why would we take on such a contract? Because acquiring a “bad” contract will not hurt this team (or will it?). In this case bad could mean good as we all know the Sixers are “tanking” to get a higher draft pick in this upcoming 2014 draft.

A stat that I have stumbled on in the past couple days is that Sixers’ GM Sam Hinkie (when tenured with the Houston Rockets) has made 5 moves out of his 7 years on Trade Deadline Day. 4 out of those 5 years, Hinkie has made a trade in the LAST HOUR before the deadline. Pretty impressive, huh? Im not worried heading into the final day of trading this season as I have faith in our beloved GM as many of our Philadelphia Sixers fans do.

Some of you may be asking what deals possible as of now, and what would we get in return? Well it has been reported by multiple insiders that Sam Hinkie has been in contact with ALL 29 other teams in the National Basketball Association. Talk about a GM that actually cares, right?

A rumor that has most recently presented itself is that the Sixers will more than likely hold on to Thaddeus Young. I personally like this move and in 2-3 years, Thad might be that crucial 6th man off the bench that the Sixers have been needing. I know most of you are thinking, why is Thad on the bench? Because in 2-3 years I see the Sixers lineup being THAT GOOD!

Some possible trade deadline deals that could be possible can be found right here below:

  • Sixers trade Evan Turner to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Shawn Marion and Boston’s 2nd Round Pick
  • Sixers trade Thaddeus Young and Evan Turner to the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Emeka Okafor and Washington’s 1st Round Pick
  • Sixers trade Evan Turner to the Golden State Warriors in exchange for Harrison Barnes
  • Sixers trade Evan Turner to the Bobcats for a 2nd-round pick and an expiring contract
  • Sixers trade Thaddeus Young OR Evan Turner to San Antonio for Danny Green and Spurs’ 2014 1st-round pick

Out of these possible choices I would definitely choose the Phoenix Suns trade for a couple reasons. First off, we get Evan Turner out of Philadelphia and secondly, we would get another 1st round pick in the deal particularly in the 13-17 range, which in my eyes is still very, very good.


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