2014 NBA Draft: Sixers Two-Round Mock Draft 2.0

Every weekend, the Sixers writers at Khandyman Sports will be publishing a mock draft, projecting who the Sixers will select with each pick. Up this week, editor-in-chief Manav Khandelwal. To see them all, click here.

Ever since the trade deadline, the Philadelphia 76ers (15-50) have been one of the worst teams in NBA history. They have lost 19 games in a row, and give up 110 points per game. Michael Carter-Williams has started to recover from slamming into the rookie wall in January and February, averaging 8.1 rebounds and 6.7 assists per game in March. We’ve also gotten more extended looks at guys like James Anderson, who is averaging an impressive 13.7 points per game since Evan Turner and Spencer Hawes were dealt.

We all know, however, that few of these current Sixers will be here within a couple of years, especially given the amount of picks the team possesses in the next couple drafts. This draft will give the Sixers opportunities to scoop up top-end and upside talent in both rounds, helping to fill out the roster going into 2014-2015.

1st round, 2nd overall: SF Andrew Wiggins

Wiggins has revealed that he does indeed possess the “it” factor (photo:

If the Milwaukee Bucks get the first pick and select Kansas center Joel Embiid as is predicted, I see Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie selecting his teammate Andrew Wiggins.

While I am a fan of Jabari Parker, Wiggins has made up for a slow start to the season in a big way over the past several weeks, and everything about him screams “Sam Hinkie!”. He has length on defense, is incredibly athletic, can shoot the ball, and has an explosive first step to the rim. While he may not be as polished as Parker is, his ceiling is certainly the highest in this draft.

With MCW and Wiggins clogging up passing lanes on the perimeter, teams will find it difficult to move the ball around against the Sixers. In addition, Wiggins will complement rather than replace MCW offensively, something I do not see Parker being able to do as effectively.

There is a reason this kid was the consensus top player in the incoming freshman class, and he’s shown it lately: he’s racked up 93 points, 23 rebounds, and 9 steals in his last three games.

1st round, 11th overall (from NOLA): SG/SF Doug McDermott

McDermott is 5th all-time in scoring by a Division 1 player (photo: Sports Quotient)

Let’s get right down to it: we all know Doug McDermott is an offensive nightmare for the opposing team. He had 12 30-plus point games this season, most in the NCAA, and averaged an incredible 26.7 points per game. He hit 52.5% of his field goals and 45.6% of his three-pointers while scooping up seven rebounds per game.

Many NBA scouts and fans, however, especially Sixers fans, do not want McDermott because of his defensive struggles. While he may be a defensive liability one-on-one, McDermott will fit in perfectly with MCW, Nerlens Noel, and Andrew Wiggins in Brett Brown’s defensive scheme. He won’t have to guard opposing point guards or small forwards, meaning he’ll usually be matched up on a shoot-first guard. This plays to his strength, his size (he’s 6’7″, 225 pounds).

In addition, McDermott will mesh perfectly offensively with the team Hinkie is trying to build. He does not demand the ball, which means it can be in the hands of MCW and Wiggins, and runs/positions himself well off the ball. He will feed off of opportunities created by his teammates, spacing the floor and demanding attention offensively.

2nd round, 32nd overall: G/F Roy Devyn Marble

Roy Devyn Marble is one of the most versatile players in this draft, and when you combine with his nice scoring ability off the dribble, you have a player that the Sixers would be smart to take early in the 2nd round.

Marble averages 17.3 points per game, but is strong in many areas: he can facilitate, rebound, defend, and shoot the three-pointer. His two weaknesses, his motor and jump shot, will prevent him going in the first round, but he can play point guard, shooting guard, and small forward. His versatility makes him valuable to a young team that is just looking to find its identity, and he could emerge as a solid 6th or 7th man for the team going forward with his strong scoring ability.

2nd round, 38th overall (from CLE): PF James Michael McAdoo

McAdoo complements Noel well (photo: Getty Images)

There are few 2nd-round prospects who I like more than UNC forward James Michael McAdoo. McAdoo averages 14.2 points and 6.7 rebounds per game for the Tar Heels, converting 46.1% of his field goal chances.

McAdoo is exactly what the Sixers are looking for in a power forward. With MCW, Wiggins, and McDermott potentially locking up the perimeter, at this point the team will be looking to shore up the front court.

Nerlens Noel is a freakish athlete with very strong defensive skills, but he is far from polished offensively. McAdoo is a very solid post player, using his athleticism, body control, and natural instincts to score in and around the paint. With already promising passing skills, he is the perfect complement to Noel up front and has the potential to be a very solid starting power forward in the NBA.

2nd round, 45th overall (from MEM): PG Russ Smith

At this point in the draft, the Sixers will be looking for upside plays. And why not take Louisville senior guard Russ Smith, one of the most prodigious scorers in the NCAA whose playing style resembles a man whose number was recently retired at the Wells Fargo Center, Allen Iverson?

A 6′ guard who is 170 pounds soaking wet, Smith is one of the toughest, most aggressive players in the country. He will attack anybody off the dribble, using his explosiveness and fearlessness to get to the rim and make a play. He averages 18.2 points per game, and also facilitates for his Louisville team, with 4.7 assists per game.

You can never count Russ out of anything, and he would fit well with Brown’s up-tempo style of play.

2nd round, 47th overall (from BRK): PF/C Alec Brown

This is where Hinkie will fill his “Spencer Hawes-esque white center” quota, which is currently filled by Byron Mullens. Brown, from Wisconsin-Green Bay, is not very strong in the paint, but can score and runs the pick-and-roll well. With some added strength and wait with NBA conditioning, he could become a solid backup big man.

2nd round, 55th overall (from HOU): SF CJ Fair

If CJ Fair is there at No. 55, which many predict he will be, expect the Sixers to grab the Syracuse prospect. Fair is another disruptive defender who is not necessarily great on-the-ball but can settle into the Sixers’ defense and clog up passing lanes. Like McDermott, he plays well off the ball and can shoot the rock, and with his upside, this pick could end up panning out in a big way, and if not . . . it was the 55th pick.


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Author:Manav Khandelwal

I am the founder of Khandyman Sports, and follow all Philadelphia pro sports teams religiously. I also write for the Hoop76, covering the Sixers for ESPN, and am a credentialed Flyers reporter for Main Line Media News.

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2 Comments on “2014 NBA Draft: Sixers Two-Round Mock Draft 2.0”

  1. john
    April 22, 2014 at 6:48 pm #

    love that draft. Wiggins/Parker/Randle is so tough.

  2. N
    March 15, 2014 at 7:58 pm #

    I’m sorry, but you’re dead wrong about Marble. His midrange game is easily the best in the big 10 and he’s improved his 3 pt shot immensely. His motor is fine as well, just watch some of his games. His problem is defense and overall athletic ability.

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