2014 NBA Draft: Andrew Wiggins to Sixers Seeming More and More Likely

When the Philadelphia 76ers opened the 2013-2014 campaign, a common slogan was “Winless For Wiggins,” referring to Kansas’ Andrew Wiggins, the supposed top prospect in the 2014 draft class.

Wiggins averaged 17.1 points per game at Kansas (photo: SBNation)

Despite dropping down a spot to No. 3 in the draft lottery, the Sixers still have an excellent chance to get the swingman, and those chances seem to have risen with recent reports regarding the draft.

Gery Woelfel of the Journal Times reported yesterday that the Cavaliers intend to pick Wiggins’ teammates, center Joel Embiid, with the first overall pick and are not listening to offers for that pick anymore. So there is that.

Chad Ford, the premier NBA Draft insider, then dropped another big nugget in yesterday’s Wednesday chat about the 2nd overall pick, saying that, “[The Bucks] like all four of the top guys. But I think Embiid, Parker and Exum are ahead of Wiggins right now because of perceived fit . . . I think Wiggins is also a possibility, but I think they feel like he and Giannis might be a little too similar developmentally.” For the last week, Ford has been pretty adamant that the Bucks like Parker more than Wiggins, even slotting Wiggins at No. 3 to the Sixers in his latest mock draft.

So, if those reports are even remotely true, the Sixers would be left with Andrew Wiggins at No. 3, what the team has apparently wanted all along. There were even reports that Hinkie tried to trade up to No. 1 to grab Wiggins, but now it appears he will not have to. Considering what happened on lottery night, this news is music to the ears of Sixers fans everywhere.

Wiggins will work out for the Sixers next weekend, according to Ford.



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Author:Manav Khandelwal

I am the founder of Khandyman Sports, and follow all Philadelphia pro sports teams religiously. I also write for the Hoop76, covering the Sixers for ESPN, and am a credentialed Flyers reporter for Main Line Media News.

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