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Nick Foles vs Saints

2013 Eagles: Loss to the Saints and Season in Review

It was more than most expected.  It was probably more than I realistically expected.  At the beginning of the season I had said the Birds would go 9-7 and maybe sneak into the playoffs, but I knew that their full potential would probably be needed for my very optimistic opinion to come true. Many though […]

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Nick Foles DeSean Jackson

Eagles Looking Forward: A look at Regular Season Finale in Dallas and Playoffs Ahead

You couldn’t have scripted it any better.  It may not have been pretty.  It may have had all of Philadelphia on the edge of their seats biting their nails for 60 minutes, but ultimately the Eagles went home happy Sunday Night, knocking off the Dallas Cowboys 24-22 in the NFC East Championship. While it was […]

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Michael Vick vs Giants

Xs and Os: Eagles-Giants Week 8 Preview and Prediction

Daniel Wilson took over the popular Xs and Os column for this week in Manav’s stead. Follow him on Twitter. Fantasy Watch: DeSean Jackson (PHI) and Eli Manning (NYG) While both of these guys seem like obvious answers, there are compelling answers for both on why this could be a unique week for each of […]

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Nick Foles Buccaneers

Eagles-Buccaneers Week 6: State of The Eagles

The Eagles may have seemed bad. The Eagles may actually be bad, and “the haters” may say the only reason the Eagles are going to get wins is because they’re playing against bad teams. However personally, I really couldn’t care less. With a 31-20 win over the Bucs on Sunday, the Eagles improve to 3-3 […]

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Nick Foles Giants

Eagles-Giants: What This Win Means For The Rest of The Season

From watching the Philadelphia Eagles in prior games this season, I thought for sure that they had to be most painful team to watch in the NFL. My opinion has now changed after watching them play the Giants. Does this mean I feel bad for the Giants and their fans? Well I hate to sound […]

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Michael Vick Chiefs

Eagles Struggles Continue: Lose 26-16 in Andy Reid’s Return To Philly

On a night where the Eagles and their fans welcomed two familiar faces (Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid), the play on the field was unfortunately a huge disappointment. Thursday night’s game was so bad; the Eagles seemed immediately behind from the opening kickoff, where they let former Eagle Quentin Demps return the ball out of […]

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Chargers 33, Eagles 30

Eagles vs Chargers: What Caused the Disappointment in the Home Opener

For those who were able to watch the whole game like I did, you saw the whole game unfold right before your eyes. If you were unable to see the whole contest, just talk to anyone who did and they’ll all tell you the same reason for why the Eagles lost. The defense looked absolutely […]

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LeSean McCoy Redskins

Eagles 33, Redskins 27: What We Learned From the Start of the Chip Kelly Era

Well, we’ve heard it a million times, a win is good as any other win, it doesn’t matter how it happens. And as true as that statement is, the end of Monday Nights Eagles game had Birds fans biting their nails a little bit more than they would have liked. They game started out phenomenal […]

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Michael Vick Touchdown vs Giants

Predicting the Outcome of Every Eagles Game This Season

Now that the preseason is over, we have a little more of an idea of what this Eagles season is going to look like. So, lets take a look at each of their games this year and see how they match up against their opponents. Week 1 at Washington: The Eagles open up the season […]

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Jason Avant Jeremy Maclin with Chip Kelly

Chip Kelly To Play Music During Offensive Possessions

Many are aware that Chip Kelly is an outside the box coach.  But I don’t think anyone knew that he would request music during the course of an offensive drive. That’s right, Chip Kelly has requested that music be played in between offensive plays during home games this year at Lincoln Financial Field. However, according the […]

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michael vick panthers

Eagles vs. Panthers: What We Can Conclude From Week 2 Of The Preseason

From watching the Philadelphia Eagles take on the Panthers Thursday night, you can certainly tell that significant progress had been made with the Eagles, from when Chip Kelley took over as the head coach.  But what exactly was shown in a preseason game as considerably low scoring as 14-9?  Well, let’s start with the quarterbacks […]

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Jason Avant Jeremy Maclin with Chip Kelly

How Good Can The Eagles Be Under Chip Kelly?

Well, we’re a week into the month of August, which means that believe it or not, NFL Football is just a month away! And yet, despite the season being just around the corner, Eagles fans’ expectations for Chip Kelly’s rookie year still don’t seem to be 100% certain just yet. There are the optimists, the […]

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