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Andy Reid

After 14 Years of Failure, It’s Time for Andy Reid to Go

I remember all throughout my middle school career, which consisted of flooded urinals and a C average, eating a Little Debbie honey bun every day at lunch. I would day dream during class, thinking about sinking my teeth into that delightful treat. But then something horrific occurred. I got sick of them. How can something […]

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LeSean McCoy vs Giants

Bird Therapy: Breaking Down the Eagles’ Performance Against New York

With the Philadelphia Eagles eking a huge victory against their hated rival New York, they have now flown atop the NFC East with a 3-1 record and look to continue their winning ways against in-state rival Pittsburgh this Sunday. My hairline has been doomed since birth (thanks Dad) and everyone who knows me personally wouldn’t […]

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Eagles Week 1 Analysis: Breaking Down Vick, Reid and Other Major Concerns

One of the worst feelings known to man. Well, in my opinion at the very least. That feeling was the one I felt after the Eagles’ putrid 17-16 win over the Cleveland Browns, where nice routes by tight ends saved the team from its most shocking loss in years. Let me first say that I […]

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Bryce Brown

Bird Watching: 3 Things I Learned From the Eagles’ Preseason

Every time somebody tells me “hey, it’s only preseason”, I shrug my shoulders, nod my head and give the usual “yeah, I know” reply. What I really want to do is shout out “Only Preseason?!” with complete, unnecessary emotion. To say that these games don’t mean anything because the wins and losses get erased once the […]

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Matt Brown Mayor's Cup

Matt Brown Leads Owls Past Villanova in Final Mayor’s Cup

It would be my greatest pleasure to introduce Temple’s Matt Brown to anyone who has ever said “size matters.” Well, at least in football for one thing. Just ask the Villanova Wildcats defense and special teams unit. The 5’5, 165 lb all-purpose back led the Temple Owls to a 41-10 victory in the fourth and final installment […]

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