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The UEFA Champions League group stage is coming to an end. The decisive games will be held on the 28th and 29th of May. The teams have already met once in the group stage, but the outcome of the match was quite unexpected.
The first match between Liverpool and Manchester City was a real shocker, as the Reds were considered the favorites. However, the Citizens managed to get a comfortable win thanks to the following factors:
1. Good selection of players. The team has a good selection of leaders, which allows the players to make quick and effective substitutions.
2. Tactical flexibility of the team. The Reds have a good understanding of the game and can adapt to the changing situations.
3. Individual skills of the leaders.
In the end, Liverpool won the match, which was quite surprising for the fans. The Citizens were the first team to score a goal, and it was scored by Sadio Mané.

The following teams are the favorites of the group E:
* Juventus;
* Bayern;
* Barcelona;
3 clubs from the same group.
All the matches will be broadcast live on the UEFA website, which will allow fans to follow the development of the matches in real time.
Group E Results
The group stage of the UEFA Champions League has come to an exciting end. Liverpool and Bayern Munich are the main contenders for the title. The first match of the round was quite tense, as both teams were ready to fight until the last minute.
However, the result of the first match was not the decisive one, because the Reds managed to take the first place in the standings. The following teams finished in the second place:
• Manchester City;
• Chelsea;
1/8 of the season is still ahead, so the teams will have to fight for the victory in the remaining rounds.
Liverpool’s Champions League success is not surprising, as this team is one of the best in the world. The main competitors of the Reds are the teams from the lower divisions. However the team has managed to achieve such a result thanks to several factors: good selection, tactical flexibility and individual skills of its leaders. Here are the results of the Liverpool matches in the Champions League:
· Successful selection of the squad. The Liverpool team has an excellent selection of performers, which can be quickly switched to the next game.
· Individual skills. The leaders of the club are able to make important substitutions and to make the game more interesting for their teammates.
It is clear that the team will not give up the fight for a place in next year’s Champions league finals, as it has a great chance of getting into the next stage of this tournament.
Live football scores on
The football season is in full swing, and now it is much easier to follow its development on the website. The site provides information on matches of all kinds, as well as statistics of the results.
This season, the main favorites of European football have been the teams of the English Premier League. The new season has already brought a lot of surprises, as Chelsea and Manchester United have been left behind. However it is not difficult to follow their progress on the website.
There are a lot more interesting matches on the football field, and the fans can enjoy the live results of them.
Chelsea’s Champions Cup triumph
The new season of the Champions Cup has already given a lot to the fans, as Manchester United and Chelsea have been kicked out of the tournament. However this does not mean that the teams are not capable of winning the tournament, as they have a great opportunity to do it.
Both teams have a long bench, which is another advantage. The players have a chance to rest during the matches, which helps them to be more focused.
Manchester United has a long unbeaten streak in the tournament so far, and this is another reason for the team to be considered as a favorite. The previous season, it was not easy for the Red Devils to win the tournament due to the fact that they were not able to play in the first round.
Despite the fact, that the players were tired, they managed to win a match against Chelsea. The Blues were the main favorite of the previous season and were able to take first place. However in this season, they have not been able to repeat the previous success, as their rivals have been able not to stop them. The Red Devils have a number of advantages over their competitors:

● Long bench. The club has a lot players who can play in any of the positions on the field.
● Good selection. The squad has a number leaders who can be called as leaders of their teams.
For example, Pogba, Rashford, De Gea, Lukaku, De Ligt, and so on.
They can be considered the main leaders of Manchester United, and they are able not only to score goals, but also to create the winning goal.
At the end of the current season, Manchester United will be able to win not only the Champions cup, but will also be able not just to win, but to be the main contender for the gold medals in the next season.
UEFA Champions League fixtures
The Champions League is one the most important tournaments in the football world.

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