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The season of the Champions League has come to an end, and the main contenders for the title are Real Madrid and GremIO. The latter is a platform that offers live football results from around the world. The match between the two teams was held on the 21st of August, and it was a very interesting game.
The main goal of the Madrid team was to get into the top 4 of the standings. This was achieved, but the team was not able to achieve this. The main failure of the team is the fact that it lost to Barcelona in the Champions Cup final.
However, the team has a good chance to win the La Liga title, because it is still possible to get a positive result in the remaining matches. The team of Zinedine Zidane is the best in the tournament, and this is why the fans of the club can count on a victory in the domestic arena.
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Who won the match?
The first half of the game was quite difficult for the Madrid players. The first goal of Zidaniem was scored by Marcelo, who was the first player of the starting lineup. The goal was scored in the second half of a match with Barcelona.

However the main failure was the failure of Cristiano Ronaldo, who missed a lot of passes and was not at his best. The Portuguese player was the main star of the tournament and was the leader of the leaders.
It is worth noting that the team of Ramos was not as good as the one of Zizou, but it was enough to get to the Champions league final. The fans of Madrid can count only on their own luck, because the team did not have a good start in the season.
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Live football scores of all matches
The fans of Gremioso can follow the livescore football scores on the platform of sports data. The results of matches of Spanish championship are available to the users in full.
In the first half, the game of the GremIoso was quite good, and its main goal was to achieve the first position of the La liga. However, the Madrid club was not in the best shape, and Zidanic was not the leader.
At the end of the first match, the Giresons were in the lead, and then the game turned out to be quite difficult. The score was 0:0, and Cristiano scored a goal. The player of Giresoso scored a penalty kick, but he missed it.
This was the decisive moment of the day. The GremIIoso lost the match, and they were defeated by Granada.
Zinedine and the team’s results
The results of Zidine’s team were quite good. The players were in a good mood, and there were no problems with the game. However the main problem of the players was the lack of motivation.
They started the game in the first line, and after a few minutes they moved to the second line. The coach tried to give the players a rest, but they did not understand the coach’s words.
After the break, the players started to show their game, and soon the score was 2:1. The leaders of the squad scored two goals, and their partners scored one.
Then the coach of Girenos decided to give a rest to the players, and he started to give instructions to the substitutes. The game ended with a score of 3:2.
For the first time in the history of the championship, the club of Zize was defeated by the Granada team. The defeat was quite unexpected, because in the previous season the team from Granada was the champion.
What to expect from the team in the future?
In future games, the main task of the coach will be to ensure the victory in La Liga. The previous season, the coach managed to achieve it, but this time it is not possible to count on such a result.
Real Madrid is the main contender for the champion title, and in the next season the club will be strengthened by the arrival of Cristian Tello. The Spanish player is a talented player, who has already managed to score a goal in the match against Granada, and now he is ready to score more goals.
If the team wins the Champions cup, then it will be very difficult for Real Madrid to win La Liga again. The club has a lot to do, because this season it was not very successful.
Despite the fact, that the fans can count upon a victory, the results are not very good, so the club has to do its best to achieve a positive outcome in the matches.
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Main results of La ligue 1 matches
In La liganet, the matches are held in a round-robin format.

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