Italian football championship


The Italian football championship is the most popular in the world. The current season is the eighth of the 20th century and is very interesting for fans of the Italian national team.
The championship is divided into two divisions, the first of which is called Serie A. The Serie A is divided in four sections:
1. Promoted.
2. Relegated.
3. Promotes.
4. Remains.
In the Serie A, the teams are ranked from 1 to 4. The teams in the top positions in the championship are considered the best.

The Serie A has a long history, dating back to the early 1900s. The first champion was Milan in 1905. The club was founded by the Italian patriot and politician Antonio Primo della Torre. The team won the championship in the first season and was named the champion for a second time. The following season, Milan won the title again.
It was the Milanese who won the first Italian championship in 1908. The new champion was Juventus, which was founded in 1908 and was led by the legendary Bianco Neri. The Juventus team won its first championship in 1909.
After the Second World War, the Italian championship was dominated by Juventus. The Bianco-Neri club won the champion title for the third time in a row. In the next season, Juventus won the Serie B.
At the end of the Second world War, Milan was the champion. The Milanese won the next championship. In 1950, the club won its fourth title. The next year, Milan became the champion again. The previous champion was Roma.
During the 1950s, the Milan team was led for the most part by the famous Milanese football players. Among them were:
* Gianfranco Zola;
* Giacinto Facchetti;

* Antonio Torreiro.

In 1958, the team won another champion title. In 1960, the Juventus team became the first team to win the Serie title.
Today, the championship is dominated by the Juventus. In Serie A the team has won the following titles:
• Champions League;
• Italian Cup;
· Super Cup.
Juventus has won all of them except the Super Cup in the past season.
There are several other teams that have won the Italian Cup and the Super cup, but not the Champions League.
This is the reason why the Italian football league is considered the most interesting in the whole world.
Teams in the Italian Championship
The teams that compete in the Serie are:
· Juventus;
● Milan;

Napoli; Torre del Greco;
Ascoli; and
All of them have won at least one title. Juventus is the champion of Italy for the fifth time.
You can follow the Italian Serie A on the sports statistics website.
Championship results
The current season of the championship has already seen some interesting results. The main favorites of the season are:

* Juventus;

* Napoli.
Both teams are considered to be the main favorites. In fact, they are the main contenders for the title. They have won all the previous championships, which makes them the main favorite.
However, the main rivals of Juventus are:
· Milan;   Inter; and “Juventus”.
Milan has already won the Champions league for the second time in the last three years. The last time was in 2016. The season of 2017 was not as successful for the Milan club.
“Juve” is the main contender for the champion trophy. The squad of Antonio Conte has won a number of trophies. The most recent victory was in the Champions trophy.
Another team that can be considered a contender for victory is “Inter”, who has won two Champions league titles. The coach of the team is Jose Callejon.
Many teams have already won a Champions league. The list of winners includes:
    Barcelona;  Real Madrid; Milan ; Napolessi; Juventus .
These teams have won a lot of trophies, but they have not yet won the most prestigious trophy of the tournament, the Champions cup.
Of course, the season is still far from its end, but it is already clear that the teams will have a lot to do to win this trophy.
Team statistics
The main goal of the teams is to win all the trophies that they have won. The statistics of the clubs can be found on the website of sports statistics.

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