Curran Aiyer and Andrew Gusher are our main NBA analysts. Below are three most recent, most pertinent articles. For more, visit our NBA archives!

Big Apple – Big Problem (Curran Aiyer)

As we know, Carmelo Anthony has been criticized of the recent losing streak of the Knicks, because of the amount of shots he takes and misses. It was a mega-deal when the Nuggets traded Melo to the Knicks, and most people thought the Knicks had a shot of competing with Miami and Chicago. Unfortunately, the combination of Amare and Melo hasn’t been working recently, so is it time that the Knicks blow this project up and start all over again?


Sunshine/Overcast: Week 5 (Curran Aiyer)

After another interesting week where Boston again can’t win, Miami is blowing leads, and the Bulls are still without Derrick Rose, we’ve seen many younger teams step up and earn some sunshine throughout the week. However, some teams have just given up hope, giving them some overcast weather and possibly some precipitation! After we saw the superstar teams struggle last week, will they rebound? Or will more surprising teams take their nice weather? Let’s look at the best and worst forecasts for the remaining week!


W2W4 (Jan 22-28) (Curran Aiyer)

The NBA season seems to be in full swing, officially. Star players have been coming into their own, not excluding LeBron, Kobe, and Chris Paul who have all come on strong. Great matchups seem to lurk at every corner, whether it involves two high-profiles teams or two surprising contenders. Let me show you which games to watch THIS WEEK!


Rookie Ladder – 1st Edition (Andrew Gushner)

No player in the NBA more excites me more than a rookie. With such talent, abilities, and potential, young players in the league catch my eye. So far this year, I have seen numerous rookies step in their teams’ rotation, and throw their coins in. Sadly, I’ve also seen some high drafted rookies not start off as hot, but still have lots of potential.



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