Possible line-ups for West Ham vs Middlesbrough match


The West Ham are a team that has already shown its class in the Premier League. The team is a real contender for the title, but it is not enough for the team to win the title. The Hammers need to do their best to fight for the places in the Champions League zone.
The team has a good lineup, which will allow it to play in the most interesting tournaments. The main goal of the team is to win at all costs.
In the last season, the team did not show the best results. The players were not able to show their maximum, and this led to the fact that the team lost the title in the end. The West Ham is a team of young players, who are ready to learn from the mistakes of their predecessors.
West Ham’s lineup
The main goal for the West Ham was to play with the main favorite of the Premier league, Manchester City. The previous season, Manchester United was the main rival of the Hammers. This time, the Hammer is not the same team, as the players are more focused on the Champions league.
However, the West ham has the advantage of a good bench. The following players can be called the main favorites of the match:
* James;
* Lozardo;
* Guedes;
* Yarmolenko.
These players are able to give the team a good chance of winning the match.

The line-up of the Westham is not only impressive, but also gives the team an opportunity to show its best game.
Who will win the match?
The match of the teams is scheduled for the beginning of November. The first games of the new season of the Championsleague have already shown that the WestHam is not a team to be left behind. The club has already managed to win several matches, which is quite impressive.
It is also worth noting that the Hammarby has a lot of problems, which should not be ignored. The match of West Ham will be a test of the strength of the club, and the team will have to show a good game, if it wants to achieve its goals.
What to expect from the team?
It has already been shown that there is a good potential for the club to fight in the tournament. The matches of the current season showed that the club has a decent lineup. The lineup of the main team of the league is quite good, and it is quite likely that the players will be able to play together in the matches.
Also, the main goal is to fight against the main rivals of the tournament, ManchesterCity and Liverpool. The last season of this tournament was quite successful for the Hamman, as it managed to fight with the team of Josep Guardiola.
At the moment, the lineup of Westham looks quite good. The squad has a balanced lineup, and many players are ready for the most difficult tasks.
Do not forget that the season is not over yet, and there is still a long way until the end of the championship. The next season will be very important for the teams, as they will have a lot to do.
Live score of the matches of football
It’ll be easy to follow the results of the games of West ham and other teams on the sports statistics website. The site presents the results from matches of different leagues of the world.
This season, Chelsea looks quite strong. The Blues have a good line- up, which can be used in the games against the Hammen. The line-Up of the Blues
The Chelsea lineup looks quite impressive, and is quite capable of scoring goals. The current season of English football is quite interesting, as Chelsea has a number of matches in the EPL.
Chelsea has a strong lineup, that can be considered as a real trump card of the London club. The roster of the Chelsea is quite diverse, and includes many players that are able of scoring a lot.
Among the main players of the lineup, we can distinguish:
• “Cesc”;
• “Kepa”.
“Ceska” is a young player, who has already scored several goals. He is a player that can become a real star of the line- Up of the “Blues”, and will be useful for the coach.
Kepora is a midfielder, who is able to score a lot, and can become the main star of this line-UP.
Another player of the roster is “Gerrard”: he is a defender, who can become an important player of this lineup.
All the players of Chelsea are able for scoring a good number of goals, and they are ready at any moment to do it.
How to follow live score of matches of EPL?
Chelsea is a club that is quite popular among fans of English Premier League, as well as other national championships. The Chelsea lineup is quite strong, and all the players can become real stars of the game. The coach of the Royal club, Josep Mourinho, is able of creating a good team, that is able for winning the Epl.
Mourinho has a great lineup, but he is also able to use his players in a different way.

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