Khandyman Sports is simply an analytical Philly sports blog created by a group of high school students! The site has continued to expand since it’s inception and continues to add more writers (we’re at 31 as of now) as it promises to deliver the best in Philly sports analysis!

Lead Writers

Manav Khandelwal (@KhandymanSports/@TheKhandyman)

Me with Dutch Daulton


Hometown: Narberth, PA

Role(s)Founder, Editor, Eagles Lead Writer

Favorite Philly Athletes: Ryan Howard, LeSean McCoy, Trent Cole

Favorite Philly Sports Moment: Phillies’ 2008 World Series Championship 

Profile: Manav is the founder, creator, and head of Khandyman Sports. He also runs the Eagles department and supervises all other departments. He is a student at The Haverford School, and is a rabid sports fan who loves to talk Philly sports! Contact him personally on Twitter or by e-mail and he’ll keep you talking for days.

Curran Aiyer


Hometown: Glen Mills, PA

Role(s): Co-Founder, Chief Editor, Phillies Lead Writer, Sixers Columnist

Favorite Philly Athletes: Brian Dawkins, Cliff Lee, Allen Iverson

Favorite Philly Sports Moment: Miracle at the Meadowlands . . . 2!

Profile: Curran assisted Manav in creating this wonderful blog, and also is the head of the Phillies department and writes consistently for our Sixers section. He loves playing basketball, fantasy football, and recently picked up water polo, which he plays at school with Manav.

Wayne Hester (@Wayne_Hester)


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Role(s): Sixers Lead Writer, Eagles Beat Reporter

Favorite Philly Athletes: LeSean McCoy

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: Miracle at the New Meadowlands

Profile: Wayne is a junior at the Haverford School who has been disappointed in Philadelphia teams over the past 10 years (except for the 2008 Phillies).

Cole Smith


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Role(s): Flyers Lead Writer

Favorite Philly Athletes: Claude Giroux, Sean Couturier

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: Beating the Penguins in 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs and 2010 Stanley Cup finals run.

Profile: Cole leads our Flyers department, recapping games and providing useful insight into everything Flyers. He is a senior at The Haverford School and plays hockey as well.

Ryan Bowman


Hometown: Newtown Square, PA

Role(s)College Basketball Lead Writer

Favorite Philly Athletes: Ronald Roberts Jr., Jameer Nelson, LeSean McCoy, Jrue Holiday

Favorite Philly Sports Moment: Saint Joseph’s Final Four Run, Phillies 2008 World Series

Profile: Ryan, who follows all six college basketball teams in Philadelphia, is the site’s lead CBB writer. He is especially fond of the Saint Joseph’s Hawks and contributes great analysis regarding the Hawks.

George Hall


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Role(s): Union Lead Writer

Favorite Philly Athletes: Carlos Valdes, Freddy Adu, Sebastian Le Toux

Favorite Philly Moment: Union Winning 3-2 in First Game

Profile: George is a Philadelphia Union soccer fan and an american soccer promotor. He also a big USMNT fan and enjoy watching all types of soccer, even though I’m a Boston fan in all other respects.


Gauruv Arora


Hometown: West Chester, PA

Role(s): Chief Marketing Officer

Favorite Philly Athletes: Brian Dawkins, Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Andre Iguodala

Favorite Philly Sports Moment: Phillies 2008 World Series Championship, Eagles vs. Lions 2013 (“Snowbowl”)

Profile: Gauruv has been a die-hard Philadelphia sports fan since the day he was born, sticking with all four teams through thick and thin. Currently attending Rustin High School, Gauruv is a movie enthusiast and enjoys listening to old school music such as the Scorpions.

Ben Palmieri (@BPalmieriKS)


Hometown: Haverford, PA

Role(s): Flyers Beat Writer

Favorite Philly Athletes: Wayne Simmonds, Claude Giroux, Chase Utley

Favorite Philly Sports Moment: Flyers Comeback to Beat the Bruins

Profile: Ben writes for the Flyers department, his signature piece being the 3 stars after every Flyers game. He is a sophomore at Harriton High School who loves to watch and talk hockey. Contact him on twitter or by email if you want to talk hockey or anything Philly sports!

Ryan Conway (@CONWAY_west)


Hometown: Haverford, PA

Role(s): Union Beat Writer

Favorite Philly Athletes: Jrue Holiday, LeSean McCoy

Favorite Philly Sports Moment: Phillies 2008 World Series Championship


Luke Green (@LukayyGreen)


Hometown: Haverford, PA

Role(s): Sixers Beat Writer

Favorite Philly Athletes: Jrue Holiday, LeSean McCoy

Favorite Philly Sports Moment: Phillies 2008 World Series Championship

Profile: Luke grew up in Massachusetts but has always been a passionate Philly sports fan.

Austin Krell (@mr9figure)


Hometown: Bryn Mawr, PA

Role(s): Sixers Columnist

Favorite Philly Athletes: Andrew Bynum, Ryan Howard

Favorite Philly Sports Moment: Iguodala buzzer-beater to beat Lakers, Jimmy Rollins Walk-Off Homer to Beat Indians

Profile: Love the Union and Flyers but not the biggest Phillies or Eagles fan. Love and appreciate everything Manav, Khandyman, Haverford, and family do for me. Hi mom!!

Will Eddowes (@WillEddz)


Hometown: Auckland, New Zealand

Role(s): Eagles Columnist

Favorite Philly Athletes: LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson

Favorite Philly Moment: D-Jax’s Punt Return at Miracle at New Meadowlands

Profile: I’m at boarding school in Auckland, I love watching the Eagles as well as Liverpool FC. I play soccer, cricket, and basketball; enjoy economics at school as well as debating and travel.

Shawn Bramble (@BalkTalkPhillies)


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Role(s): Phillies Columnist

Favorite Philly Athletes: Chase Utley

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: J-Rol’s 2-Run Walk-Off 3B in Game 4 of 2009 NLDS

Profile: Southpaw. Love watching, playing, coaching, and writing about baseball. Played in college and once threw a no-hitter.

Chris Innella (@PHL_SportsNSuch)


Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Role(s)Flyers Correspondent

Favorite Philly Athletes: Carlos Ruiz, Claude Giroux, Thaddeus Young, LeSean McCoy

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: Phillies’ 1993 WS Run, Flyers’ 2010 Playoff Run, Doc’s Perfect Game

Profile: I have played both Hockey and Baseball competitively since a young age, and am an avid 4 for 4 Philly sports fan. I have followed/played/written about the 4 major professional sports for 15+ years. I can tend to be a bit of a homer when it comes to Philly sports (college or professional), but love professional sports in general. Fun Fact: I once interviewed ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt.

Danny Blanchard (@Daniel11496)


Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ

Role(s): Flyers Correspondent

Favorite Philly Athletes: Claude Giroux and LeSean McCoy

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: Flyers’ Comeback Against Bruins From 3-0 Deficit

Profile: Huge 4 for 4 Philly sports fan. Danny loves writing and talking sports.

Tyler Miller


Hometown: Chester Springs, PA

Role(s): Flyers Beat Reporter

Favorite Philly Athletes: Jakub Voracek

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: Philadelphia Flyers 2010 Playoff Run

Profile: Tyler is a Senior at The Haverford School and Flyers writer for Khandyman Sports. Along with being an extremely passionate Flyers fan, he enjoys all Philadelphia sports teams. Tyler plays club hockey for the Quakers in West Chester, PA. Go Flyers!

Daniel Wilson


Hometown: Wynnewood, PA

Role(s): Eagles Opinion Writer

Favorite Philly Athletes: Ryan Howard, LeSean McCoy, Evan Turner, Danny Briere

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: 2008 Phillies World Series Championship, Miracle in the Meadowlands

Profile: A freshman at Lower Merion High School, and I currently write for the Eagles but I love all Philadelphia teams.

Tim Scheuritzel (@Phillsalltheway)


Hometown: Narberth, PA

Role(s): Phillies Beat Reporter

Favorite Philly Athletes: Carlos Ruiz

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: 2008 WS Championship, Doc’s Perfect Game

Profile: I really don’t know what to write . . . I love Khandyman and I love the Phillies!

Alex Sanflippo


Hometown: Blue Bell, PA

Role(s): City-Wide Correspondent

Favorite Philly Athletes: Claude Giroux, Evan Turner, LeSean McCoy, Cole Hamels

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: Phillies’ 2008 WS Championship and Flyers’ Comeback Against Boston

Profile: I am a huge, but unbiased, Philly Sports fan. I like all of their teams, but I like the Eagles and Flyers the most. I really want the Eagles to win the Super Bowl one of these seasons so let’s go Birds!

Jerry Pomroy (@JerryP2375)

Jerry Pomroy Bio PicEmail:

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Role(s): Eagles Correspondent

Favorite Philly Athletes: Charles Barkley, Eric Lindros, Chase Utley, Brian Dawkins

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: 2008 Phillies World Series, 1988 Eagles/Bears Fog Bowl, Randall Cunningham’s 91-yd punt

Profile: Born & raised in Philly. Now reside in Bel Air, MD with my wife Allison, our two boys Evan & Tyler and our adopted mutts Phillie & Astro. Philly sports fan all the way. Sad to say that my wife grew up a Redskins fan, but she has fully converted to a Phillies and Flyers fan.

Dave Maco (@DMacoKS)


Hometown: Bensalem, PA

Role(s): Eagles Correspondent

Favorite Philly Athletes: Jason Peters

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: Flyers Coming Back from 0-3 Deficit vs Bruins in 2010 Playoffs

Profile: Philadelphia sports fan since 1992. I always say I’ve seen it all, but my hometown teams never seize to amaze. Not always in a good way.

Robbie Klein


Hometown: Bryn Mawr, PA

Role(s): Chief Financial Officer

Favorite Philly Athletes: Roy Halladay, Nnamdi Asomugha, Claude Giroux

Favorite Philly Sports Moments: 2008 World Champs!

Profile: Robbie has been a passionate Philadelphia sports fan for his whole life. He supports his teams through the thick and thin! He also looks forward to watching and taking part in the growth of Khandyman Sports.

  • Ryan Fuscaldo  – Phillies Beat Reporter (@RyToast6)
  • Harry Bellwoar – Phillies Editorial Writer
  • Jack McAleese  – Villanova Correspondent (@affro_jack)
  • Kyle Bowman – UPenn Correspondent
  • Arjun Dravid – Drexel Correspondent

To contact Khandyman Sports, e-mail us at or comment on a post.


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