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Nick Foles Eagles vs Lions - Snow Bowl

Nick Foles, Snow Bowl Featured on Sports Illustrated Cover

It’s about time. With his two QB counterparts on the roster, Michael Vick and Matt Barkley, having already received the accolade of being SI cover boy, Nick Foles might have been feeling a bit left out. Not anymore, as he will be featured on this week’s upcoming cover. After leading his team on an impressive […]

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Michael Vick Touchdown vs Giants

Predicting the Outcome of Every Eagles Game This Season

Now that the preseason is over, we have a little more of an idea of what this Eagles season is going to look like. So, lets take a look at each of their games this year and see how they match up against their opponents. Week 1 at Washington: The Eagles open up the season […]

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Vick fumble

Bird Watching: Did Everyone See the Same Game?

After watching the Birds heartbreaking 26-23 OT loss to the Lions, I thought, “Did I see what everyone else saw”. At the time I thought it in moment of shock and disbelief, but as I’ve let this game really sink in, I know see the thought is still true but with different meaning. Some of […]

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Calvin Johnson Broken Tackle

Who Balled & Who Stalled: Key Grades for Eagles For Week 6

Another Eagles game, another close battle that fell down to just a couple of points. This is the fifth out of six games so far this season, where an Eagles game has been decided by three or fewer points. There were several positives from this close encounter with the Detroit Lions, but I would certainly […]

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Xs and Os: Eagles Face Lions in Final Game Before Bye

Background/Storylines: Eagles (3-2) and Lions (1-3) The Eagles come into Week 6 as a team that is much better than it’s record—and +/- for that matter. They have yet to play a complete game on offense, thank in no small part to turnovers. Michael Vick has been the biggest culprit in that department with 9 […]

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Eagles vs Giants

Examining the 8 Toughest Games on the Eagles’ 2012 Schedule

The Philadelphia Eagles weren’t able to take advantage of a relatively easy schedule in 2011, going 8-8 and disappointing pretty much the entire world. Not only did they face the lowly NFC West which they went a paltry 1-3 against, but they also faced a struggling AFC East division which they could only manage two wins against. […]

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Xs and Os – A New Season Begins

As the NFL season heads into the postseason, the games obviously will become more intense and exciting, as will my analysis. The slate set for this week’s Wild Card is extremely exciting, and for this special playoff edition I will cover all four games instead of only the top three. There are many exciting story […]

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Week 17 Recap

Week 17 was a very exciting one in the NFL, living up to the hype set prior to Sunday’s games. In a week where all but four games had playoff ramifications, every moment was intense and interesting. On that day, two teams cemented playoff positions, and all the others (except for the Packers) jockeyed for […]

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Xs and Os – Finishing It Out

Here we are! Finally, Week 17 of the NFL football season, one that started shrouded in doubt but will finish off with a bang. When the CBA debacle delayed the start of training camp, many believed it would lead to a winter devoid of professional football. However, the players and owners settled things, and it […]

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