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Championship Round Recap

This year’s championship round was filled with missed opportunities, costly mistakes, and Harbaugh failure. Even when Tom Brady wasn’t at his best, New England found a way to win, and the same went for New York in the NFC. Costly turnovers or missed field goals cost both Harbaughs Super Bowl appearances, and those failures set […]

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Xs and Os – Moment of Truth

Last week’s action reminded all NFL fans/analysts of a couple things: Defense wins championships! A good quarterback can go a long way. The hot team, not the best team, has a leg up. The Giants were a great example of all three on Sunday, when they beat down Green Bay, 37-20. While Eli Manning, Victor […]

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Greatness Wins Championships

Tom Brady. Bill Belichik. What does the common fan think of when those names are uttered (usually mumbled, after one’s team has lost to them again)? Well, here’s what they should think: greatness and consistency.. Because that is what people have come to expect from the New England Patriots in the Brady-Belichick era. As a […]

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Xs and Os – Football Heaven

What words can be used to describe last week’s NFL action? Exciting, riveting, Tebowing. For all intents and purposes, I can truly say that it was one of the best weekends of football I have ever lived through [though that isn’t many]. From Tebow’s miraculous overtime touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas, which shocked nearly everyone […]

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QBs Making Statements

Tim Tebow. Eli Manning. T.J. Yates. Drew Brees. What do those four players have in common? It’s fair to say not much. However, they all won this weekend, meaning their teams will advance in the playoffs due to their play. Those four quarterbacks all made impressive statements against good teams (obviously, they’re all in the playoffs), […]

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Xs and Os – A New Season Begins

As the NFL season heads into the postseason, the games obviously will become more intense and exciting, as will my analysis. The slate set for this week’s Wild Card is extremely exciting, and for this special playoff edition I will cover all four games instead of only the top three. There are many exciting story […]

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