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Did Trading for Starting Pitching Ruin the Philadelphia Phillies?

All eyes are on the rotation and their struggles as the Phillies are beginning their season. Roy Halladay’s health (despite winning his last two starts) is now, but what about the future? What do the Phillies have in the future? The Phillie phaithfuls will tell you that the team has the likes of Darin Ruf […]

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Roy Oswalt Wants to Return to Philadelphia Phillies

Roy Oswalt a former member of the ‘four aces’ in 2010 and 2011 wants to come back to Philly. Oswalt tweeted multiple times on his websites’s twitter responding to a question by a fan asking him if he would want to pitch again in Philadelphia. I would love to come back to Philly , loved […]

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The Hot Corner: Oswalt, Lincecum, and more . . .

These last few days have been volatile in baseball, with several big names being mentioned in free-agent signings, and others being inked to new deals with their current teams. Roy Oswalt: Roy Oswalt seems to have some new offers from different teams. The Rangers are looking at Oswalt and plan to meet with him sometime […]

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