What is the real problem of Liverpool?


Liverpool is the second best team in the Premier League. The Reds have won the title for the last 4 years in a row. However, the team is not as strong as it was in the previous seasons. This is the main reason why the team loses points in matches against weaker teams.
The team has a good lineup, which is very suitable for the current season. The main problem of the team in matches with weaker opponents is the lack of motivation. This can be seen in the fact that the team does not show the maximum of its potential.
This is the reason why Liverpool is not able to win the title. The team has to improve its results and become a real contender for the title in the next season.

The main goal of the Reds is to win gold medals in the Champions League. In the current campaign, the club is in a good shape, but it is still far from the level of the main favorites of the tournament.
Main rivalries of the current Liverpool season
The current season of the Premier league of England is very interesting. The teams of the top division have a lot of interesting confrontations. The most important of them are:
1. Liverpool vs. Manchester City. The two teams have a very good lineup. The Premier league is the most popular football tournament in the world.
2. Chelsea vs. Arsenal. The English Premier league has a lot more interesting confrontsions than the Champions league.
3. Tottenham vs. Liverpool. This rivalry is very important for the teams, because it is the first step to the Champions trophy.
4. Manchester United vs. Everton. This game is very tense. The Red Devils have a good chance to win.
5. Manchester city vs. Crystal Palace. The match between the two teams is very exciting.
6. Arsenal vs. Norwich. The game between the teams is really interesting.
7. West Ham vs. Brighton. The club of the Hammers has a very strong lineup.
8. Sheffield United vs Tottenham. The Spurs have a really good lineup and are ready to fight for gold medals.
9. Newcastle vs. Watford. The Hornets have a strong lineup and can win the match.
10. West Bromwich vs. Sheffield. The Baggies have a nice lineup and have a chance to get gold medals, too.
11. Norwich vs. Middlesbrough. The Mancunians have a decent lineup and the match is really tense.
12. Southampton vs. Leicester. The Saints have a cool lineup and a good opportunity to win a gold medal.
13. Sheffield vs. Southampton. The Tigers have a great lineup and an excellent chance to take gold medals as well.
14. Norwich City vs. Wolverhampton. The Wolves have a bad lineup and do not have the chance to fight against the Mancuns.
15. Sheffields vs. Leeds. The clubs have a similar lineup and this match is very intriguing.
16. Westham vs. Stoke. The Potters have a better lineup than the Makers.
17. Southampton and Chelsea vs Liverpool. The Blues have a stronger lineup than their rivals.
18. Newcastle and Tottenham vs Manchester City and Arsenal.
19. Sheffield and Watford vs Everton and Manchester United.
20. Sheffield-United and Sheffield-Watford match is also interesting. It is a very important match for both teams. It can decide the champion title.
All the confrontations of the English Premier League are available on the sports statistics website. It provides information about the results of the matches of the teams and individual players.
What are the main problems of Liverpool’s rivals?
The Reds have a number of problems that they have to solve. The first of them is the fact, that the current team does no longer have a leader. The previous leaders of the club were:
· Jurgen Klopp;
·2. Jurgens;
3.. Jurgi.
It is obvious that the club needs a new leader. However it is not known who this leader will be. The current leaders have a high potential, but they are not able yet to demonstrate their maximum.
Another problem ofLiverpool is that the squad is not very strong. The players of the squad are not very experienced and do a lot in matches. This causes the team to lose points in confrontations against weaker opponents.
In the current English Premier season, the Reds have the best lineup of all the teams. This allows the team not to lose any points. However the team needs to improve the results and be a real competitor for the main clubs of the championship.
Liverpool’ main rivals in the current Premier league
The club Liverpool is considered as the main rival of Manchester City in the English championship. The rivals of the Citizens are: Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester City, too, although the latter has a better squad.
However, the main rivals of Liverpool are: Everton, Sheffield United, Crystal Palace, and West Ham. The last team is a real rival of the Merseysiders. The Citizens have a long bench, which allows them to rotate the players. This helps the team a lot.
At the moment, the Citizens have the strongest lineup of the clubs. The squad of the Red Devils is quite weak.

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